Real Housewives of New Jersey Alum Danielle Staub Slams Season 7 Cast — Spills Tea!

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Bravo welcomed the criminally tarnished Teresa Giudice with open arms — and former cast member, Danielle Staub is on a rant! 

Staub wants back into the Real Housewives of New Jersey game, and is unleashing her wrath on a cast she deems as sub-par. Staub fired on all cylinders, venting on Instagram, and it is indeed an entertaining read.  Andy — are you listening?

Rookie, Dolores Catania, and cast veteran, Jacqueline Laurita, get the first verbal lashes from Danielle.

“Delores was an extra (no pay) since S1. Not interesting enough until until 7 years later lmao. They are grasping at straws to hold it together.”

Jac has lost her mind completely from what I hear on social media /And wow pregnant out of wedlock daughter …. Nice like mom like daughter. Now able to pay off the debt she and hubby owe from their own fraudulent living … Glorified by #RHONJ.”

Danielle weighs in on Teresa Giudice’s comeback.

“Meanwhile Teresa continues to gain sympathy for ripping off the world and the government yet still gets glorified and a paycheck.”

Danielle spills tea from seasons past — a juicy flashback of a more innocently trashy time. Staub claims that she is responsible for shooting Melissa Gorga into tacky reality stardom.

Teresa never wanted Kathy or Melissa on the show she was firm about that to all of the cast Bc she hated sharing the stage with anyone and knew she was going to get called out for faking this “rich girl” act. Melissa tore at her sister-in-law trying to get me to help in S1&2 Bc she wanted me to know about all Teresa’s dirt and fraud .. I did not play along but she wanted #fame over #family so I let Andy Cohen and producers know by sending them the emails she wrote me … Why else did she get cast on S3 after sitting as an extra for 2 seasons waiting for her chance …. I put her on there or she’d still be sitting begging for attention!”

Danielle sells herself — touting her accomplishments as a mom, and noting a “colorful past.”

“Compared to me …. Raised one daughter summa cum laude in psychology / College grad. And another on her way to law school Fucking insane part is I didn’t even mention Caroline and Dina—Let’s save that part. Btw yes I had a colorful past 30 years before the show ever aired … I still think they all need to apologize for hiding their fake lives behind my past then own up to how they made it impossible for my daughters and I ***i apologize to Siggy and removed my comment in regards to her..”

The always vivid Danielle would be a fun blast from the past that might liven up this Jersey snooze-fest. If Staub falls short, it won’t be from lack of effort!

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