Luann’s Fiance’s Other Woman Speaks Out About Kissing Session After His Engagement—Says They’re Still Hooking Up!

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RHONY _Luann de Lesseps Fiances Other Woman Speaks Out About Kissing Session After His Engagement

The mystery woman caught in a lip-lock with Tom D’Agostino — a hookup  later exposed by Bethenny Frankel — is speaking out about the Real Housewives of New York scandal, that broke Luann de Lesseps heart.

Luann de Lesseps Fiances Other Woman Speaks Out About Kissing Session After His Engagement

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Former Playboy model, Deborah Driggs, 52, spoke to OK Magazine, to give her side of the seedy PDA, which went down only days before Tom and Luann’s engagement party. Luann forgave Tom for his “mistake,” classifying the incident as just “a kiss.” Luann chose to give true love a second chance, but Driggs claims that there is more to her relationship with Tom than one public romp.    

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Driggs tells the mag that she first met Tom at a NYC dinner party in 2009, and that the duo has hooked up on and off for years — a rinse and repeat of Sonja Morgan’s story. 

“I walked in, and right away he kissed me. He didn’t mention his fiancee all night. It was definitely him putting the moves on me,” Driggs reveals, describing the make-out session, on the night in question.

She alleges that she and Tom are “still very close friends,” and that they are “definitely in contact.” Reportedly, their last meeting was at L.A.’s Montage Hotel in May, three months after the episode at the Regency Hotel, in NYC. Driggs alleges that Tom’s behavior did not read as happily engaged. 

“[Tom and Luann] must have gotten into a fight that night, because Tom said he was ‘done,’’ Driggs claims. “We talked for a long time, but nothing sexual happened.”

The thirst is REAL, as Tom and Luann’s New Year’s eve wedding draws closer. 

Do you think that Deborah Driggs is cranking up the drama in the direction of Andy Cohen — with reality stars in her eyes??   


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