Luann de Lesseps Says Bethenny Frankel Called Bartender To Get Cheating Scoop on Tom – Bethenny Banned From Wedding!

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All About the Tea_Luann de Lesseps Says Bethenny Frankel Called Bartender To Get Cheating Scoop on Tom_RHONY

New Years Eve 2016 marks the night when Real Housewives of New York beauty, Luann de Lesseps, will tie the knot—but there is one skinny cast mate who can make other plans.

Luann, 51, revealed in a new interview today that Bethenny Frankel is officially off the guest for her upcoming nuptials to fiancé’, Thomas D’Agostino Jr. 

“It’s hard to invite people that tried to do you harm,” Luann reveals to People, when asked if Bethenny would be invited.

Luann had previously stated that she would wait until after the Season 8 reunion, to make decisions about co-star invites. The explosive filming evidently made up Luann’s mind, because Bethenny will not be among the 250 guests invited to the event.

Luann remains disgusted by the nasty way Bethenny, 45, presented evidence exposing Tom kissing a former Playboy model at New York’s Regency Hotel, the day before his engagement party.

“It was disgusting,” Luann says of Bethenny’s shady tactics. “Her handling of the situation – and I go over this at the reunion – was terrible.”

Luann is particularly upset that Bethenny went straight to Carole Radziwill and Ramona Singer with the with the disturbing news, rather than coming to her directly. Luann describes the move as “the most brutal thing to do.” 

“[They] don’t have my back,” Luann says. “She could have went to Dorinda, who introduced us, and said ‘Look I have this.’ [But] she was like the cat who got the canary. Does a good friend do that to you? Someone who has your best interest in mind? No.”

“It’s not authentic,” she continued. “It’s made for television. And that’s what she is.”

Luann admits that she was initially devastated by the news, but then began to question Bethenny’s motives, when she learned that Bethenny had supposedly called The Regency Hotel to speak to it’s bartenders.

“It got very private investigative reporting for me,” Luann explains. “Not only does she have a picture – she calls the hotel [and] she’s got this timestamp. And she digs and digs and digs for this information and then tells the other women without telling me?”

Luann agrees that the evidence was a necessary disclosure, but believes that Bethenny should have revealed the info off-camera—“as a good friend would do.”

She also believes that Bethenny was out of line, in calling Tom directly.

“She should’ve talked to me first,” says Luann. “Not the other women, not tried to call Tom, but talk to me. I find that very bizarre. It’s terrible. That’s not somebody who has your best interest in mind – that’s someone who has their own agenda.”

“I think she’s just unhappy,” Luann responds, when asked what she believes Bethenny’s agenda to be. “As you can see throughout the series, she’s an unhappy person. If she’s not going after me, she’s going after Sonja,  Dorinda and John, or Jules. It’s one person to the next.”

Bethenny has made comments regarding Luann’s motives for the whirlwind engagement—believing that she loves the attention triggered by the flashy romance. Luann fires back hard, blasting Bethenny for being a hypocrite.

“It’s my story to share,” she says.”Bethenny said I fell in love with the attention she’s spent her whole career getting. Who got married on TV? Who treated their husband like s— on TV? Who’s been trying to get divorced for longer than she’s been married? She’s the biggest media whore that ever lived. And she talks about me?”

GO LU!!!

Luann also addresses Bethenny’s assertion that Tom sponges off rich  women, and is not as wealthy as he appears.

Tom’s richer than all of us put together – including Bethenny,” Luann says. “He has no interest in the fame or being with a Housewife. He fell in love with me, poor guy.”

Catch the prelude to the reunion fireworks, as the regular season wraps, tonight at 9:00pm ET.


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