Trouble In Paradise! Amber Portwood Puts Wedding To Sperm Donor Fiance Matt Baier On Hold #TeenMomOG

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In today’s edition of — Can I get an AMEN!

Amber Portwood, star of Teen Mom OG, is putting her wedding to Matt Baier – the guy who lied about having nine kids — on the “back burner.”

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Out promoting Season 6, Amber shared what viewers can expect this season, including the future of their relationship.

“Everything got thrown on the back burner when stuff happened,” Amber shared with People. “But you’ll see us working through certain things together and you’ll see us talking about marriage and what we’re going to do.”

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The “stuff” Amber is referring to is the amount of women who are now claiming Baier owes back child-support. Amber is said to be frustrated that “all of his crazy exes are coming out” and tried to “stay neutral” in the beginning.

“I didn’t know what the truth was,” Amber explained. “I didn’t want to make a rash decision on something that everyone else was saying. You will see in this season me making my decision on what I was going to do with me and Matt.”

In addition to appearing on Teen Mom OG, Amber and Matt will do anything for attention, even go on the Dr. Drew show to talk about “online bullying.” Matt should be able to provide useful tips since he is reportedly accused of online bullying by other cast members. Amber shared, “You’ll see us talking about everything in the media and getting the truth out there, and we’re actually about to go to the Dr. Drew show to talk about online bullying.”

Watch a sneak peek of Teen Mom OG Season 6 above and tune in for the premiere on August 22 with a special two-hour episode starting at 9/8c on MTV!


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