‘Teen Mom OG’ Bombshell! Amber Portwood’s Fiance Has 9 Kids—New Baby Mama Comes Forward

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The MTV spotlight has moved from Teen Mom OG star, Amber Portwood, to the crew from Teen Mom 2 — but that hasn’t shifted Portwood’s fiancee, Matt Baier, 44, out of the hot seat.

A new report reveals that Baier has secretly spawned nine children — while only admitting to five kids, on the show, according to Radar Online. Reportedly, five out of Baier’s six baby mamas, are demanding back child support in Indiana court, and now a seventh woman has stepped forward. Baier is now believed to be the father of nine children.

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Jeanette Reedy has joined the club, and is claiming that she has a seven year old daughter by Baier — whom he has not seen since her infancy. The single mom met the Massachusetts native online in 2006, and married after a short courtship, in 2007. Reedy asserts that Matt pushed her to get pregnant, an insistence noted by other women, who have birthed Baier’s children.   

“He was great at first, but then our marriage became a nightmare,” Reedy, 50, explains. “I started to figure out that everything about him was a lie.  I thought, ‘What did I get myself involved in?’”

Reedy states that she left Baier, when he hit her, at five months pregnant. The baby was born in 2008, and by 2009, Baier had broken all contact with his daughter.

Baier’s appearance on Teen Mom OG stunned Reedy, and friends and family flooded her with the news.

“I got so many text messages, emails and phone calls. Lots of my friends watch Teen Mom and recognized him right away,” she recalls, adding that she refuses to watch the MTV show. “I’ve never seen him on TV. I’m repulsed by him.”

Portwood, 25, admitted to being shocked by the news of Baier’s whopping number of offspring, when her baby daddy, Gary Shirley, dropped the bomb on camera. Shirley provided proof of seven kids, and while Portwood later claimed to know more than she let on, she supposedly only knew about two. The count has risen to nine — will more kids come out of the woodwork? How many is TOO many, for a determined to be right — post Teen Mom?


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