Twitter Blasts Amber Portwood For Defending Deadbeat Boyfriend Matt Baier

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Amber Portwood, 25, is in the middle of a social media firestorm, after  choosing to stand by her man, Matt Baier. 

Amber’s ex, Teen Mom OG co-star, Gary Shirley, exposed Baier, 44, for allegedly covering up five children, and shirking child support. 

Shirley presented court docs that allegedly reveal Baier’s numerous secret offspring, as well as five active child support cases filed against him. Amber and Matt responded, via a MTV video, with a nonsensical and contradictory explanation. 

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Basically Amber claims to have known all along, but asserts that Gary’s bomb crushed her trust in Matt anyway. All is well now, because Matt has reformed, and is no longer a “womanizing user,” nor a junkie. Fans overwhelmingly don’t trust Matt, and blasted Amber on her Twitter account, to share their opinions.

Amber’s followers called out the obvious, and accused Matt of being in the MTV step-daddy game, for money and fame.

Amber has supporters, but expressed disgust with the social media naysayers. 

Amber promises that the “truth” will come out, in upcoming episodes. Do you think that fans will let Matt off the hook?   


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