EXCLUSIVE: Kathryn Dennis Flees West Coast Treatment Center For Hook-Ups With New Boyfriend #SouthernCharm

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EXCLUSIVE Kathryn Dennis Flees West Coast Treatment Center For Hook-Ups With New Boyfriend

Kathryn Dennis is carving out a new reality for herself — far from the Southern Charm spotlight.

Dennis allegedly caved to pressure from the courts — jetting to California weeks ago, to seek help for her addiction issues. Photos posted on her Instagram account over the last couple of weeks reveal picturesque shots of the west coast, but Kathryn’s social media habits have taken an abruptly dark turn.


Kathryn rebooted in her Twitter venom, and bashed the pregnant Jennifer Snowden, on July 29th. 

A source tells AllAboutTheTea.Com that Kathryn has abandoned the therapeutic ocean waves of recovery. Dennis is instead sharing her perspective on life, in a crappy motel — with a new, shirtless boyfriend. 

“She [Kathryn] has not been committed to the treatment program and has left.” a source tells AllAboutTheTea.Com. ” She’s hooked up with a shady character. This man is not good for Kathryn‘s recovery.”


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A source close to the situation believes that Kathryn’s Malibu jaunt was all for show.

“When Kathryn left to seek help in Malibu, she was not mentally ready. She really hasn’t accepted or admitted her addiction issues. She took the paid-for treatment to look good in her custody battle with Thomas,” the insider claims.

Thomas Ravenel reportedly offered to pay for Kathryn’s treatment when their custody battle took a dramatic turn, after Dennis failed a court ordered drug test. Ravenel was awarded unsupervised joint custody of Kensie, 2, and Saint, 8 months, and Kathryn’s time with the children was ordered supervised.

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The following consent order was established at a June 9 custody hearing, mutually agreed on by Thomas and Kathryn. 

  • Thomas was granted unsupervised joint custody of the two children,       Kensington and St. Julien.
  • Kathryn was granted supervised joint custody — Thomas agreed to allow Kathryn’s parents to supervise her time with the children.
  • Custody will be split 50/50, with each parent alternating a week of custody. 
  • No drug use will be permitted.  
  • No paramours are allowed between certain hours in the home of either parent.
  • No abuse of prescription drugs will be permitted. 
  • No drinking alcohol is allowed.
  • Each parent MUST refrain from any alcohol or drug use, 12 hours prior to picking up the children for their designated week of custody.

Kathryn is now going full-force on social media, announcing on Sunday that she is active on Snapchat.

Kathryn offered a telling post a few days ago, a graphic which reveals an all too familiar mindset. 


Will Kathryn pop back up on the Charleston reality scene, and resume monitored life with her sweet babies — or continue her cryptic Cali-adventure? What do you think is going on?


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