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[SOLVED] Blind Item: The Reality Thief — She’s A Klepto!

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blind item solved

Blind Item — SOLVED!

This reality star is a kleptomaniac and steals for the thrill of the crime — but was busted when she crossed the wrong mark.

“She’s compelled to steal from friends, family and stores. She doesn’t steal because of necessity, she steals for the thrill of the crime, often taking items that have little or no value to her.

The thief was caught red-handed for lifting an antique figurine, when one of her sex partners noticed the item in her home and questioned her about it. The reality thief lied, and said she purchased it from an antique store.

Her close friend tells me that her main objective is simply to steal. It does not matter what, or if it makes sense, Sticky Fingers just steals, for the sake of stealing.”

Reality Star: Kathryn Dennis

Reality Show: Southern Charm

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Kathryn Dennis was busted by a friend who ratted out her klepto ways, after Dennis escaped with clothes, jewelry, makeup, and the contents of her bathroom cabinet, after a recent sleepover.

Kathryn stayed at my house one weekend, and decided to leave with everything that was in my bathroom, under my sink, with my $500 watch, and with a gold necklace that I had. She left with my makeup, and all of my Lululemon workout stuff,” the friend explained.

The snitch exposed Kathryn’s modus operandi, which is stealing for the thrill — not for the loot.

“If you have money to do that why are you stealing nail polishes, makeup, and clothes that don’t even fit you?” asked the once-close friend. 

Kathryn has now been exposed as a drug user — and a typical kleptomaniac.

She stole items from her friend that had no value to her, including unwearable clothing — as well as belongings that could be sold.

“When she stole from me, I was like ‘Oh my gosh!’ I caught her — it wasn’t like I was guessing that she took my things. My watch — I won’t see that back. I have kind of written everything off. I won’t see these things again.”

Kathryn has exhibited signs of a compulsive thief for a long time — but has now been publicly outed. Kathryn is used to calling the shots — with Thomas Ravenel, and with her family and friends. The jig is up — and the southern charm is fading fast.


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