Blind Item: The Reality Thief — She’s A Klepto!

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*All About the Tea Exclusive*

When you look at this reality star, she appears to be financially well off, but she actually has sticky fingers — she’s a kleptomaniac! 

The word kleptomaniac has origins that trace back to the Greek words for “thief” and “madness.” This definition is indeed fitting for this southern fried reality mom.

She’s compelled to steal from friends, family and stores. She doesn’t steal because of necessity, she steals for the thrill of the crime, often taking items that have little or no value to her.

Her inner circle knows of her little problem, and purses and personal belongings are guarded, whenever Sticky Fingers is around. 

The grown thief was caught red-handed for lifting an antique figurine, when one of her sex partners noticed the item in her home and questioned her about it. The reality thief lied, and said she purchased it from an antique store.

Her close friend tells me that her main objective is simply to steal. It does not matter what, or if it makes sense, Sticky Fingers just steals, for the sake of stealing.

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