5 Key ‘RHOBH’ Reunion Revelations Andy Cohen Would Rather You Not Know!

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Andy Cohen recently sat down for a casual chat, to create a Bravo online segment called Ask Andy.

The Bravo bigwig likely underestimated the disgust that would follow the banter relating to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion. These key revelations may not be shocking, but are indeed relevant, as fans step back and survey the battered Beverly Hills landscape.

1. Social Media Heat

Andy was sputtering and shifty during the short Q&A, revealing that the social media pressure had likely gotten under his skin. He was even able to duck and dodge the early pressure. He nervously jumped from defending  his supposedly ignorant stance on Daisy, the hooker/health advocate, to preening over pushing Yolanda about her failed marriage. No question was even floated about Cohen’s handling of Yolanda’s marriage bust.

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2. Brandi Who?

Evidently, cast members who are so objectionable that they repel an entire cast, are still allowed to “sit there on tape,” simply by maintaining their tired,  isolating shtick. Few fans of the show, nor the other women (minus Yolanda) had even weak curiosity in Brandi’s contrived rant. Cohen obnoxiously detached himself from his part in dragging back the cast pariah, yet he was the only one who had any interest in what she had to say. His passive and detached stance to the spectacle was cowardly.

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3. No Win

Cohen’s explanation of his handling of Lisa Vanderpump allowed no window for Lisa to exit the slaughter in a positive light. Cohen noted that he prompted Lisa to apologize, (for WHAT?) or to “agree or disagree” with the cast accusations. If Lisa apologized, she was admitting guilt, if she didn’t, she was cruel, detached, and not empathetic to the feelings of others. Either way, Lisa was screwed — and she knew it. She handled the unfair pressure perfectly, admitting nothing.

4. The It Girl

Vanderpump is apparently a phoenix amongst reality stars. Even though Andy states that Lisa has been “accused” for three seasons, every one of her cast mates begins filming anew, striving to grab ahold of her star. The beginning of every season reveals the cast chomping at the bit to be invited to Lisa’s home, to score filming bits with her, and to be her friend. Spare Lisa your boring historical rundown Andy — because when the dust settles, Lisa always remains solidly in the top fan spot.

5. Liar Liar

The biggest revelation stemmed from a dramatic reunion controversy, only now lightheartedly resolved, by Cohen. Andy casually admitted that no footage revealed a supposed captured comment, a verbal jab that sent Yolanda off-stage, weeping into Daisy’s embrace. Lisa Rinna accused Lisa Vanderpump of saying “there goes our fu**ing storyline,” during a filmed dinner, referencing the Munchausen rumor that was soon to swirl around Yolanda. Rinna blasted the nasty allegation, bashing Vanderpump’s integrity, and although Cohen could have shut it down, he allowed the unjust squawking to overwhelm Lisa’s confused denials. Rinna has been freshly revealed as not only a repeat liar, but a malicious manipulator, blessed by Andy Cohen. Eileen Davidson backed her soapy sis, emphatically stating that her cohort was NOT a liar. Davidson may want to reconsider her self-righteous position. It appears that Rinna owes Yolanda yet ANOTHER apology, for those reunion sniffles.

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When Andy asked a Bravo underling to film this little ditty, he probably was blissfully naive to the fact that fan antipathy is still alive and well. Cohen exposed himself — and deserves to be sporting just as many bruises, as the unfairly battered Lisa Vanderpump.

In case anyone is curious about Lisa Rinna’s current feelings about the tumultuous season, she offered her thoughts last night, on her Instagram page.



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