Ringleader! Inside Andy Cohen’s Systematic Gang Up Against Lisa Vanderpump At The #RHOBH Reunion

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is a wrap, but the fallout is an intense one.

There is a social media firestorm underway, after Andy Cohen dropped his phony “unbiased” facade, and systematically dragged Lisa Vanderpump throughout the reunion.

Lisa was hammered with accusations, pelted with insults, and held to pristine standards — while the other women were given freedom to slog around in the Bravo gutter, without consequence. Cohen sanctioned, prompted, and took part in the verbal rock throwing, and the spectacle was nothing short of disgusting.


The first segment of the reunion was relatively tame, and Vanderpump was allowed to speak, without being bullied into bronze puddle. The episode ended with Rinna just getting warmed up, accusing Vanderpump of snarking about the Season 6 storyline, behind Yolanda’s back. Yolanda played along, dramatically shuffling off set in tears, to be comforted by her call-girl cheerleader, Daisy. The trashy fun was just getting started.



The second segment began with Rinna hammering LVP with accusations about some alleged phone calls. Rinna was snarling like a dog, demanding that Vanderpump take responsibility for pushing the Munchausen rumor. Cohen dropped his first “Who do you believe???” on Yolanda, elevating the biggest manipulator of them all, onto some imagined pedestal of virtue. Vanderpump immediately admitted that she was wrong to doubt Yolanda, but the honest confession was smacked down by Yolanda, Eileen, and Rinna, who all agreed that LVP lacked compassion and integrity.

Rinna was allowed to jump around, incessantly barking “OWN IT,” and even demanded that Vanderpump SHUT UP. LVP’s view was labeled BS, but LVP never stooped to name calling. Yolanda confirmed LVP’s claim of what Mohamed reported about his children as TRUTH — but Andy did nothing to call attention to LVP’s validated honesty. Yolanda lied, and labeled LVP and Mohamed’s friendship “ruined,” but no one questioned her choice of words, or her integrity. Erika cunningly dodged accountability, by lamely claiming that she didn’t understand a point-blank question, when busted for stirring the pot.

Cohen accepted, and did not question the absurd excuse. Rinna was allowed to brush off her inflammatory language and season game-changing remarks, citing that she was “over it” — again unchallenged by a smirking Cohen. Cohen noted that Rinna sweeps things under rugs, but Rinna threw out a few “big deals,” and her shady habits were forgiven. LVP was slammed as calculated, dismissive, condescending, manipulative and untrustworthy, because of her supposed insincere attempts at apologizing to Eileen Davidson. Davidson was never asked WHY in the world such an unrealistic level of remorse was necessary. NO questions about the affair that led to her marriage — or her possible buried feelings of guilt. Rinna and Davidson double-teamed LVP, while she remained classy, never resorting to personal barbs. Every time Vanderpump gave an opinion, cameras panned to her smirking detractors.

Cohen saved his most revolting tricks for last, in the final crescendo of the Vanderpump beat-down. The third segment was the most appalling reunion spectacle to date, one that left Vanderpump subdued, and noticeably sad. Cohen shamed LVP for not choosing an on-camera reveal of a brief, past abusive relationship.  The cast joined in, guilting her with their bossy ideals, while horrifically violating her right to choose privacy. Erika even cited LVP’s need to come across as “more human.” “Above it all,” and “detached,” were other heatless jabs tossed at Vanderpump. Eileen noted it “abundantly clear,” that LVP has more empathy and feeling for animals, than for people. Rinna smirked happily in response, and Cohen said zero — until he condescendingly schooled LVP on what it really means to apologize. Cohen had no sage lesson for the woman who horrifically insulted Vanderpump first. Cohen slithered out of responsibility, labeling derogatory comments as “interesting,” rather than shutting down the bloodbath. Andy finally forced LVP into admitting that fake apologies don’t interest her, finally badgering her into submission. Erika’s insults aimed at LVP were accepted as “feelings.”

In an unprecedented move, Cohen invited and embraced a FIRED cast member, for the sole purpose of nastily judging the women — the verbal vomit all rooted in raging jealousy towards Lisa Vanderpump. It was like an unearthed slimy snake, spewing venom from it’s hole. Andy offered no explanation — other than more gratuitous poison, shot at LVP. Vanderpump again, took the high road. LVP was rammed into to a corner, forced to defend her husband, Ken, who was attacked because he mouthed off, in defense of his wife. Brandi’s soliloquy however, was not only acceptable, but blessed. 

Cohen was seen shaking his hand at LVP, in perfect unison with an attacking Rinna — so much for unbiased. Cohen again pointed to his pillar of truth for her holy judgement, and natch, Yolanda pronounced Eileen, the real deal, and Vanderpump, the liar. Andy baited with a question, mixed it with a viewer comment, and voila — fresh accusations were tossed into the ring. It was determined that LVP loves to pit people against each other, and is abusive to Kyle, to boot.

Andy closed the thrashing by recapping all of LVP’s alleged pretties, all spun into her manipulated glory. Film rolled, to back up Cohen’s ridiculous summary, then Cohen leaned on Vanderpump to apologize for any or all of the rapid-fire accusations. Cohen was overjoyed  to show the stubborn bird’s continued, hard-ass stance. LVP came out on top, and refused. 

Andy Cohen is going through his own dragging on social media — which he absolutely deserves. Andy Cohen should be ashamed of himself.


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