Andy Cohen Answers Lisa Rinna’s Allegations Of Lisa Vanderpump Saying, “There Goes Our Storyline” On Camera #RHOBH

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Andy Cohen answered fan questions stemming from his controversial lead on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, on an online ‘Ask Andy’ bonus clip. Does Andy raise an eyebrow at any question, directive decision, or shred of his gang-leading behavior? I’ll give you one guess.

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The host reads Andy a viewer question, asking the reunion host why he did not bust Yolanda for dragging around an ex-call girl, vaguely defined as a “health advocate.” Andy responds.

“I didn’t know that there was an allegation that her health advocate is a former call girl, but I don’t think I took it easy on her at all. As a matter of fact, when Part 1 of the reunion aired, I got a million mean tweets from people saying ‘why are you being so mean to Yolanda, and pushing her about her marriage,’ so there ya go.”

Cohen appears nervous, contorting his face, and hunching uncomfortably — quite the opposite of the cool and deliberate ringleader we last saw on the reunion throne. Cohen is asked why he allowed others to bash Lisa Vanderpump, noting that he seemed to “get off to it.” The fan also notes cast members, Eileen and Rinna, as a waste of time, and questions what Cohen has against Vanderpump.

“I don’t have anything against her, but everyone has their say. They had something to say, and they said it, and Lisa responded. I kept saying to her, ‘Do you want to apologize, do you agree, do you disagree, do you see you are being accused of something you have been accused of three other seasons? What do you think about that?’”

Cohen goes on to combine his dialogue with a plug for the upcoming season of the New Jersey franchise, drawing some polluted parallel between the Queen Lisa waltz, and the slippery ways of sprung Bravo felon,Teresa Giudice. Comparing Giudice with Vanderpump may be the most nonsensical tactic yet, when trying to hawk a criminally tarnished, and flailing franchise. 

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A viewer asked if Lisa Vanderpump was ever heard saying, “there goes our storyline,” at Lisa Rinna’s birthday dinner. The entire event was filmed, and Rinna later accused Lisa of blurting out the nasty phrase, to dig at their ill co-star, Yolanda Foster-then Hadid-now. Andy comments.

“NO. If we had, we would have shown it…are you kidding me?”

Lisa Rinna — proven a liar again, first by her own husband, Harry Hamlin, now by her boss.

Another fan asked why Cohen chose to bring Brandi Glanville back to the reunion discussion. Glanville was featured in a nauseating clip, systematically bashing the cast. Andy sputters though his scattered  response.

“We didn’t bring her — we COULD have brought her to the reunion. We brought Kim to the reunion, who was not a Housewife, but was featured the same way as Brandi. Brandi we just had on tape, and we allowed her to sit there on tape, because uhhhh…the women…Brandi was very upset because her name was brought up…for certainly…her name was probably brought up between Vanderpump and Kyle, and several of the other women, and her name was probably brought up ten or fifteen times, at least, without her being there…”

Andy goes on to contend that he actually gave the women a break, by not allowing Brandi’s nasty behind to sit on the same Bravo couch. Brandi was allowed her rant, the women got the last word, case closed. Passively “allowing” a discarded pariah to just “sit there on tape,” is certainly a new way of spinning the Bravo record.

Cohen closes by noting that he regrets nothing, when looking back at the biggest reunion bloodbath in Bravo history. Did anyone expect anything different?


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