Feeling The Pressure! Lisa Rinna Issues Apology For Fat Shaming ‘RHOBH’ Fans Days Before QVC Appearance

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Better late than never — or at least before May 22nd!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills loose cannon, Lisa Rinna, has finally issued an apology for the Instagram rant that echoed through the halls of QVC, a little over a month ago.

The QVC muu-muu hustler posted the gushing message back at the scene of the crime — on her Instagram page. The caption reads.

“Last month, as RHOBH was wrapping up, my social media platforms were flooded with intense, unkind messages. As a rule, I prefer to focus only on the wonderful, amazing fans out there because they bring such incredible light with everything they do and say. Unfortunately, the consistent negativity that appeared on my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook day after day, seeped in and to my disappointment, got the better of me. I used ugly, derogatory words in the comment section of my Instagram account to try and stop the people who were constantly lashing out at me. That’s not okay.” “Not for one second was my intent to hurt, belittle or degrade my beautiful fans. Those words were never intended for 99.9% of you out there. In that moment, I felt beaten down and allowed myself to be hurt by the .1% and I held up a mirror and lashed out at them…. Not the rest of you. Please take this as my sincere and heartfelt apology to anyone that feels slighted, hurt or disappointed by my comments directed to a very specific group of Internet trolls. I know better than to feed them with their own vitriol and I had a moment of weakness which in turn may have upset the most important people. YOU. I adore and love all of YOU — my fans and @QVC family.”



Rinna was caught red-handed, calling her critics, “fat hoarders,” with “no teeth who couldn’t find their vaginas if they tried,” and “nasty.”

Why has it taken five weeks, for Rinna to tell the fans that she is sorry? She had an opportunity to do so on a Watch What Happens Live appearance, a couple of weeks after the incident.

The reality star only arrogantly admitted to the attacks, with a double finger snap. She referred to her targets as “haters and trolls,” ignoring the fact that outspoken fans of Housewives, were the ones sharing the views that made her snap. Fans overwhelmingly turned on Rinna after she crashed and burned on the show, and she obviously  couldn’t manage the fallout heat. So why now? I’ll give you three gue$$e$$.

Lisa Rinna is set to return to QVC in two days, for her first appearance since the episode. Insulted fans have flooded QVC with complaints, and the anti-Rinna sentiment is still going strong on social media. In an interesting ironic twist, that opinion-fire is constantly being stoked by Rinna. Since the  incident, Rinna has continued to sprinkle arrogant, condescending, and expletive filled messages on her Instagram page — a clear hustle for negative attention. The unchanging snotty tone towards anyone who disagrees with how she navigated the Bravo season, just doesn’t scream remorse. Rinna may want to retract that comment stating “I got nothing to lose, you sick fucks.”





One commenter spoke for many, in her response to Rinna’s apology.

“So QVC have told you off and threatened you with the sack unless you apologize. Fine. But amongst the trolls were a LARGE number of ordinary people who used to support you who were absolutely appalled by your behavior on this season of RH. Until you acknowledge how infantile and dishonest and unpleasant YOU at times were, your sagging QVC, and RHOBH figures will continue. For the record I thought you were vibrant in season 1. I was disgusted by your appearance in season 2. Still hoping you can redeem yourself, and wishing you the best.

Rinna is set to hawk her wares on QVC in two days — Sunday May 22nd at 1 am and 8 pm ET.


Will this final hour apology do the trick?


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