Lisa Rinna Attacks On Instagram — Slams ‘RHOBH’ Fans Weight & Looks In Vulgar Rant!

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Lisa Rinna has been weathering a brutal fan fallout, after taking a disastrous path during her second season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Viewers watched Rinna repeatedly change direction and conjure up theories, that translated as shady and manipulative, to most fans of the reality show.

The mouthy actress has also been exposed as an unstable harasser, who loses her cool, in the face of conflict. Seemingly isolated incidents are being strung together, to paint a dark picture, of the once fan favorite. Star Jones sought legal intervention after being repeatedly harassed by the tossed Celebrity Apprentice participant, and Rinna sent Kim Richards threatening texts, after Bravo filming concluded, last season. Rinna was slammed by recent criticism from co-star, Lisa Vanderpump, who blogged that she was baffled by Rinna’s “aggressive stance” towards Richards, during the brief  latest period, that the pair filmed together.

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Lisa Rinna moved her thug act to social media on Wednesday, blasting nasty comments at outspoken viewers, on one of her Instagram posts. The vulgar rant only lasted a short period, before she scrubbed the comment section clean. An astute All About the Tea poster snatched a screenshot, one which exposes the mind of an angry woman, battered by fan disgust.

Rinna’s comments include:

“I’m convinced that the haters/trolls are all fat hoarders with 50 cats.”

“With no teeth, and they couldn’t find their vagina if they tried.”

“Well all you nasty people need to go.”

“So get the fuck off my page. Now”


“I’m going for it. I got nothing to lose you sick fucks.”

The vile comments have since been deleted from Rinna‘s Instagram page:

Lisa Rinna's IG post_watermarked

Fans are predictably pummeling the reality star, and Rinna evidently can’t resist lashing back. Rinna boasts a QVC clothing line, as well as other projects in the works. Is this the image of a proclaimed hustler, catering to the needs of her public? Bravo recently leaned on RHOA’s Porsha Williams, after her violent tendencies were exposed. Could Rinna’s own off-camera behavior be blowing her reality career?


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