Lisa Rinna Evades Accountability! Labels #RHOBH Fans On Instagram “Haters And Trolls”

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Lisa Rinna reluctantly spoke out, when The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills hustler was forced to answer for the vulgar Instagram rant, that was recently exposed by All About the Tea. 

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The mouthy 90210-er “owned it,” but Andy Cohen let the sophomore  off the hook, with a couple of cocky double snaps. You may have heard how Rinna explained away her decision to blast commenters as “fat hoarders with 50 cats,” “with no teeth who couldn’t find their vaginas if they tried.”

“I had a moment, which again, every once in awhile, you do snap. And I tell everyone “don’t do that,” and then I did it..”

Excuse me? Maybe Lisa Rinna snaps — but most people don’t lose it like a raging bull, “once in awhile,” on social media. Rinna also inadvertently noted  that she struggles to walk her talk. Could many of her Season 6 claims be just wannabe words, polluted by contradictory actions?

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Who was in Rinna’s line of fire that night? She would like us to think that she was under control — but such restraint was obviously not part of the disturbing picture. Lisa commented.

“But it was to the haters and trolls only. I addressed it, not to anyone in particular.”

Rinna notes that she adores RHOBH fans, and the her dirty jabs were not directed at them. She forgets to mention that the overwhelming majority of those remarking on her Instagram page, are viewers. Could a RHOBH fan be “hater?”  It needs to be said — the expression “haters,” should never be used by anyone over eighteen years old. The word is juvenile, silly, and certainly broad enough to cover those who simply choose to disagree. Lisa reiterated her nervous explanation.

“It was to the haters and trolls only. And if you’re going to come to my Instagram, I can say whatever I want. And I did have myself a little rant. Yes I did. Double snap.”

Lisa also commented that night that she was “going for it,” adding, “I got nothing to lose you sick fucks.” Common sense tells us that Rinna’s social media following consists of Housewives fans, and QVC tent-top groupies. I suppose we could throw in a few throwback soap opera followers, from back in the day. However, Rinna’s “haters” du jour are Bravo viewers, blasting her for her Season 6 antics.

Only fans of the RHOBH would have the understanding and pointed jab know-how, to send Rinna off into the social media stratosphere of crazy. Rinna claims that she wasn’t speaking to Bravo fans — so does this mean that her QVC customers deserve such treatment? It is worth noting that Rinna’s vile comeback was nastier than any comment, offered by any given “hater.” Was Rinna blasting HER fans — definitely not. Was she blasting fans of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Rinna says no — but common sense tells us yes. Triple snap. 


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