Yolanda Hadid Gives Critics The Finger After Being Blasted For Contradicting Her Lyme Disease Journey #RHOBH

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Yolanda Hadid is one peeved Lymmie! 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star took a page from Lisa Rinna’s book when she decided to flip off her critics on Instagram.


Her adolescent commentary came after All About the Tea piggybacked a report calling out the social media attention-monger for publicly contradicting her condition—again. Hadid was recently spotted partying the night away, while celebrating her #1 angel-baby, Gigi Hadid.

Yolanda seems to be taking notes from her top aggressive besties, perhaps getting tips from Brandi Glanville, and her overseas mentor, Ellie O’Connell. Maybe a cocktail would settle Yolanda’s social media nerves. Only one week ago, Yolanda was singing a different tune.


Yolanda tends to overestimate the intellectual patience of the typical Bravo viewer. Fans expect their favorite reality stars to actually walk their talks, or in Yolanda’s case, their sermons. Yolanda preached herself off of chemical beauty treatments, alcohol, and cast dinners, so she could recover in holistic purity — until David Foster jumped off of the Lyme train.

FosterThen-HadidNow has shifted gears, and is putting herself out there again, botoxed mug and all. Toaster-head popped up as a hot mama on the town—at least for now.

Will Yolanda stick with her life mission to wipe chronic Lyme disease off the face of the earth — or blame her invisible condition on an explosive breast, and get her white-jeaned butt back on the market? “Raising Awareness” may take on a whole meaning.


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