Yolanda Hadid Busted For Partying While Using Her Lyme Disease For Sympathy #RHOBH

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Yolanda Hadid remains true to her cause — but it may be more in word,  than in action.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was recently called out in Star magazine’s latest edition, looking suspiciously healthy and happy at a birthday celebration for her daughter, Gigi.

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The mag echoes the thoughts of  viewers, who have been dragged on Hadid’s “journey” with Lyme disease for months — only to abruptly hear of a healthy woman, partying the night away. One of the reality star’s fans thought the piece was insensitive, and tweeted it to Yolanda — who immediately jumped back on the Lyme-bus, blasting the article. 

It appears that it takes one exploiter to know another. It’s interesting to note that whenever Yolanda is busted for behavior that anyone would label as hypocritical, the source is automatically dubbed as ignorant. Another glaring inconsistency is Yolanda’s alcohol consumption, both at Gigi’s party, as well as at the home of Kyle Richards, during the season finale episode.

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A fan noted that alcohol is a no-no, for all Lymmies.

Another bystander stated the obvious.


Evidently, Yolanda’s uber-healthy lifestyle includes throwing one back, here and there. As a side note — her face is looking mighty tight and frozen these days. A shot of botox, with a booze chaser perhaps? A snarky poster co-signed feelings of annoyed fans everywhere, tweeting.

Yolanda Hadid’s “journey” has been polluted by hypocritical detours — some would say that her fantasy destination, doesn’t exist.


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