New Voicemails Expose Meri Brown Desperate to Stay In Catfish Love Affair #SisterWives

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Sister Wives rolls on tonight, and as the Brown shenanigans continue, Meri Brown’s white stitched keister remains firmly in the hot seat. Meri has been telling her side of her tussle with an online catfish — but the slippery culprit is spilling another side of the story. “Sam Cooper” continues to dish the dirt on an affair gone wrong — one that Meri classifies as a “friendship” turned “flattering.” A pivotal question remains unanswered. How will Meri  explain the damaging voicemails that are polluting her narrative? In the meantime, her ex-lover isn’t keeping quiet.

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The online casanova, believed to be a woman identified as Jackie Overton, is leaking more voicemails, which seem to expose the unraveling of the shady relationship. Meri claims that all ties with “Sam” were broken, when he didn’t show up to an arranged meeting, allegedly to confirm his dreamy  identity. Her story is full of holes, after hearing her sniffling tale of abused woe. Meri claimed that she was invaded, threatened and abused, which triggered a careful strategy of withdrawal from the relationship. Evidently, it never became harrowing enough to change her phone number, AND Meri felt safe enough to set up a solo meeting with her allegedly dangerous stalker.

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Meri also shared that she was angry about “Sam’s” LIES — not the supposedly paralyzing abuse. We are being asked to believe Meri when she claims that she was strategically withdrawing from her stalker’s grip. The freshly leaked voicemails reveal Meri struggling desperately to hold onto the relationship. Meri appears to be expressing her usual needy frustration — with no evident intent to exit the affair. 

Audio evidence reveals “Sam” withdrawing from Meri — not vice versa. While the order of the 200+ recordings could have been shuffled, Meri certainly seems to be morphing into a defeated soul, one being increasingly shut out of her flatterer’s life.

“Sam” alleges that the affair ended in late August — what exactly happened remains a mystery. Meri fell hard and deep for catfish “Sam,” and no measure of inconsistent explanation, will be enough to dull the echoing whines of Meri’s desperation.

Unfortunately for Meri, her audience isn’t only composed of a few check-starved simpletons and a drowsy therapist, all hanging out in her living room. Most viewers don’t live in the land of mind-numbed polygamy. Mare needs to take several seats. 


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