‘Sister Wives’ New Voicemails Reveal Meri Brown Begged Her Catfish Lover For Attention — Listen HERE!

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Meri Brown_Sister Wives

Meri Brown would like the fans of TLC’s Sister Wives to sympathize with her story of being terrorized and abused by an online predator, posing as her dream man.

Viewers who have not followed the story carefully, may even swallow Mare’s sob story, hook line and sinker. Just when the Browns thought it was safe, “Sam Cooper,” aka Jackie Overton, is revealing more of his/her side of the story. “Sam” has released new voicemails, which expose Meri practically begging for his attention. Previously released voicemails exhibit a similar needy dynamic — the additions effectively reiterate the tone of the relationship.

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Viewers listened to Meri explaining her petrified saga during the premiere episode. She explained why she continued the affair, even though the alleged abuse. She told the family.

“You [Kody] didn’t threaten me. You have never threatened me the way these people threaten me.”

“These are actual words she said to me — I will ruin your life, I will ruin your family. You don’t want to mess with me.”

These new recordings supposedly illustrate “Sam’s” account of the demise of the relationship. “Sam” claims that a busy work schedule and his neglect of the relationship, broke up the lovebirds. There is also a mention of FaceTime and Skype conversations between the couple, but Meri only specifically notes “Sam” seeing her, not vice versa. Meri also makes mention of meeting up with Sam “again.”

It is easy to believe that Meri’s catfish lover was emotionally manipulating  her. However, it is tougher to buy that the slippery fella was tormenting Mare with threats. “Sam” was all but ignoring Meri, yet Meri was hounding and begging for more attention — not cowering, terrified under her wet bar. Sorry Meri…but you have a lot more explaining to do.



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