‘Sister Wives’ The Browns Reveal Skepticism In Reaction To Meri’s Catfish Affair Claims

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Sister Wives Catfish Therapy Collage

Meri Brown began to let the viewer inside her harrowing ordeal with an online catfish, on last week’s episode of Sister Wives.

The Brown family expressed lukewarm sympathy for their fallen comrade, but what were they really thinking, while Meri was spilling a few of the dirty deets? The mood in the room was one of embarrassed horror, and a few of the comments reveal true doubt coming from Meri’s biggest commercial cheerleaders.

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Meri purports that “Sam” controlled her via verbal abuse and threats—but do Kody, Janelle, Christine and Robyn really believe her? Consider their comments following Meri’s claims of abuse.

Robyn commented.

“It’s really really weird to think of someone treating you like this, and getting away with it. Because the Meri that I know, wouldn’t put up with that.”

“It’s like bizarre that this person could isolate Meri so drastically that she wouldn’t sit and talk to us.”

Kody commented.

“You wouldn’t put up with it from me.”

“I was right here, I was in the house when you were taking calls from these people.”

“You didn’t want to be out of the family, you just wanted out of your relationship with me.”

Janelle commented.

“From an outside perspective I see the manipulation all over it. It really does surprise me that Meri fell for that. When I am listening to the facts, I’m like wow—how? How? How did you not say, take a flying leap, when this person said that to you? Because the Meri I know—says those things.”

Christine commented.

“I thought we were tighter than that.”

Meri unleashed the eyeliner smearing floodgates at this point — possibly because she could sense the palpable mistrust floating in the air. The therapist assured her that she was not weak, and although I detected a twitch of a nod from Robyn — no other words of agreement or support came from the family. Meri’s eyes darted around the room — because she noticed. Meri later sat expressionless, while Kody tried to make sense out of Mare banishing him from her air space. Meri also confessed that Fish still had a grip on her, and to harboring feelings of lingering anger over his “lies.” Why be so angry about the lies, but not the threatening abuse?

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We all know Meri Brown from a few reality show snippets. However, the Browns really know Mare, and the ones who know her best, certainly appear unconvinced that she is telling the whole story. When Meri noted that she planned to continue talking to Fish, if he hadn’t stood her up, the Browns sat in silence, clearly stunned by her contradictory admission. Perhaps they were thinking back to last season’s interview couch — where viewers witnessed Meri sullen, scowling, and often absent, all while supposedly in the throes of online abuse.

Meri’s explanation is insulting to the intelligence of viewers, and to her family. The Browns may be towing the TLC line, but something tells me that even they may not be buying, what Mare is selling.


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