Will Bravo Reward Lisa Rinna & Eileen Davidson With A Season 7 Following Their Harsh Fan Bashing? #RHOBH

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Lisa Rinna & Eileen Davidson RHOBH

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills may be coming to a close, but the social media noise remains deafening. Viewers are blasting their opinions on the controversial cast, and a clear pattern has emerged. Andy Cohen has been slammed with input, blogs are full of sounding off fans, and Twitter has been a hotbed of chatter, with mini-rants littering the Twittersphere.

No biggie, right? This happens every season — fans gravitate to different personalities and storyline positions, then clamor to get their own way. Fans were up in arms to get Brandi STFU Glanville, out of their sight, and never did I expect to see another round of such passionate disgust. I was wrong — and an unexpected twist should be a game changer, when the bell tolls for Bravo to make Season 7 cast decisions.

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No one can argue that most viewers are pounding their social media fists, protesting specific cast members. Most fans are ticked-off [pun intended] and repelled by Yolanda Hadid, and her trashy defender, Erika Girardi. However, that tired duo did not cross the line that Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna trampled into dust, as the season played out, and viewer opinion heated up. Davidson and Rinna have been slamming viewers back, and the spectacle has been a nasty one. 

Davidson has built a strangely proud reputation for shutting down fan feedback, hitting the Twitter block button, every time a viewer’s quip, failed to pass her test. Davidson eventually amped her defense, and began blasting commenters, via snarky and even insulting comments.

Did anyone tell Eileen that Vanderpump fans claim a huge segment of the audience, for a show that gives Eileen her pretty-pretty money? While Davidson’s attitude is self-important and bitchy, Lisa Rinna’s dark approach to managing fan backlash has been disturbing. She has been caught lashing out on Instagram, dragging fans in gutter-level form. Her “assistant” even joined the fun, slamming viewers who dared call out her  genuine, beautiful, and checkbook-carrying boss.

Lisa Rinna Assistant IG Post -RHOBH

Lisa Rinna's IG post_watermarked

Both ladies have actively linked themselves with questionable social media personalities. Rinna and Davidson’s nasty antics have attracted other online characters, who co-sign and even revel in the behavior.

Fans are clamoring for Yolanda and Erika to be tossed — but Rinna and Davidson stand alone, in an unusual quandary. Their aggressive strategies have plunked them into two unprecedented hot seats. Has it occurred to either of them to reevaluate the direction that has invited such a tidal wave of criticism? Davidson continues to throw social media shade at Vanderpump, and her groupie, Lisa Rinna, publicly co-signs every move  her soapy sis makes.

Will Bravo allow their stars to bash, insult, and block the fans that make up their viewing audience? The Bravo powers-that-be have some thinkin’ to do — because viewer opinion has never been more personal.


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