‘Sister Wives’ All About Robyn Brown — Five Must-Knows About Wife #4!

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The countdown is on — and with only one week standing between today, and the premiere of Sister Wives, it’s time to reluctantly turn our attention to the one who loves it the most.

Robyn Brown, 37, stands in our spotlight today — the wife who has largely dominated a reality show, created to follow a “marriage” featuring FOUR wives. Fans know that Kody Brown has eyes only for Robyn, and TLC has gravitated to that dynamic, stupidly thwarting the whole purpose of the show. Fans have overwhelmingly rejected the Kody and Robyn show, so it should be interesting to see how TLC manages a post-catfish season.

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Robyn Sullivan was born on January 1, 1978, in Utah. She was raised in a polygamist family — her mother was her father’s second wife. Robyn decided  at a young age, that she wanted to live the principle of plural marriage. She married at 21, and became the wife of David Preston Jessop. Jessop is Christine Brown’s cousin, and Kody’s third cousin. Robyn writes that their marriage was never strong enough to invite another woman to join their messy relationship. The marriage fell apart, and the couple divorced, after having three children, Dayton, Aurora, and Breanna. Robyn’s cousin introduced her to Meri and Kody, and there was instant chemistry, supposedly even with Meri.

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Long, boring story short — the couple courted, and spiritually married, in a 2010 wedding, sponsored by TLC. The ceremony occurred during the first season of the reality series. Kody and Robyn spawned a son, Solomon, in 2011, and later a daughter, Ariella, in January of this year. The couple became legal husband and wife, in 2014, after a harem pecking-order shuffle.

Robyn started out her sister-wifery with a bang, inciting jealous iciness from the others, over and over. She passed on fashion advice from her future sister wives, but allowed Kody to help her pick her wedding dress. There were hurt feelings when the wives heard that Kody kissed Number 4, to celebrate their engagement — apparently a no-no in cult life. Robyn scored a ten day honeymoon, claiming that she “needed” the unprecedented and luxe trip. She returned from the fancy getaway to three struggling and hurt women, who had already picked up on the vibe that later became obvious to viewers.


While rereading Kody and his sister wives’ book,”Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage,” several sections made me cringe. Here are my top five cringeworthy deets, about Queen Robyn’s story.

1. The Birth of “She-Rah”

After her divorce, Robyn adopted an alter ego who became her “protector.” Her name was She-Rah, and apparently protected Robyn’s softer, sensitive side. Robyn credits “She-Rah” for being instrumental in helping her cope with the emotional turmoil, caused by her first marriage. Any man that dare approach Robyn, had to “go through She-Rah.” Kody should name himself, “He?-Nah.”

2. Love At First Sight

When Kody and Robyn first exchanged glances, Robyn describes feeling like she had been shot with a bolt of lightning — and it wasn’t upon noting  Kody’s electrifying hair.   

3. Kody & Meri Transfixed By Robyn

Kody describes being “transfixed” by Robyn’s spirt, and also speaks of sitting up with Meri for hours, giddy over their early Robyn-love. Kody talks about him and Meri staring into each other’s eyes, saying, “Something’s happening…we feel something happening.” Creepy? YES.

4. Robyn Gets Preferential Treatment

Several times in the book, Robyn noted being wary, or worried about actions that may have made her appear as though she was getting preferential treatment. She repeatedly caved, making inconsiderate choices, while red warning flags were waving — only to be surprised and distraught, when cold shoulders and jealousy, smacked her in the face. Robyn has mad rationalizing skills.

5. Robyn’s “Impressive” Emotional Intelligence

Robyn believes that she is more emotionally tuned in, more “emotionally sensitive,” if you will, than the rest of the family. She writes about her more patient, loving, and communicative parenting style. She brags that she gave Kody a “new perspective,” and that the family recognizes something in her that they have dubbed as impressive “emotional intelligence.” I was shocked by her boastful, and superior-sounding prose. Her gushing self-assessment bleeds onto TLC footage, and gives insight into why fans negatively react to Wife #4.   

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What direction do you think TLC will take, in a post-catfish reality? Will Robyn be the camera focused darling — the sage counselor — or the misunderstood, meek, woman-with-child, in the corner?


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