‘Sister Wives’ All About Christine Brown! Five Must-Knows About Wife #3

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Sister Wives star, Christine Brown, curtsies in the All About the Tea spotlight today.  Christine was born on April, 18, 1972, in Wyoming. She spiritually married Kody Brown in 1994, becoming his third wife. Christine was raised in polygamy, and is fiercely committed to the plural lifestyle. She often speaks of the value of having of sister wives. A classic Christine-ism states “I wanted sister wives more than a husband. I don’t want to raise kids on my own.” 

Christine and Kody share five children…Aspyn, Paedon, Gwendlyn, Ysabel, and Truely. Christine has dabbled in work outside the home, but genuinely seems to love staying home, and being the head mama to the growing brood of Kody spawn. 


5 Must-Knows for Any Christine Brown Fan

1.  Christine is a “blue blood” polygamist. Her family has been entrenched in polygamy for generations. This woman is an indoctrinated, hard-core cheerleader for the plural lifestyle.  She doesn’t know any other way of life. 

2.  Christine met Kody straight out of high school, in 1990. Christine’s sister returned from a wilderness trek, gushing over chaperone, Kody Brown’s strength and determination. Christine met Kody and Mare the following week, at church. She initially ruled Kody out as “the one” due to his short stature, which is hilarious, considering that she is only 5 feet 4 inches. Kody and Christine married only one month after deciding that they were meant to be. They had hung out as friends for years, finally deciding in the winter of 1994, that it was kinda-love. Kody proposed on Valentines Day. They spiritually wed a month later, and Christine joined Mare and Janelle, transforming the Brown clan into a true harem. 

3.  Christine was brutally honest during the June of 2012, Tell-All episode of Sister Wives. She confessed to feeling a lot of animosity, especially towards Meri. She even shockingly admitted that she didn’t completely trust any of her sister wives. She shared that she once considered Robyn to be an enemy, probably due to the crushing jealousy that Christine felt, when Number Four entered the family.

4.  Christine is considered the best cook, but as you see in one of the clips below, that standard is a relative one. Fish stick tacos with tots and corn on the side spells YUM for the Brown bunch.  Carbs anyone? Christine also specializes in burnt oven toast. 

5.  This past season portrayed Christine as wildly and almost compulsively exuberant. She has always been the giddiest of the wives, but lately her plural excitement has been blowing the roof off the cul-de-sac. Number three is also a born choreographer, and boasts credit for leading the only plyggie flash mob in history.

Christine’s fashion sense veers from layered cult-chic, to mousy librarian.   

Christine’s greatest hits range from the amusing to the pathetic. The nacho diss is one of the most talked about, and cringeworthy Sister Wives moments.

Christine and Robyn heart-to-heart. Christine confesses to Robyn the intense jealousy she felt after Robyn joined the family.

Sister Wives‘ share advice. Kody addresses the dynamic of having sister wives and how they lean on each other when times get tough.


What are your favorite Christine Brown memories, moments, or mortifying miscues? Share in the comments below! 


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