Jenelle Evans Found Not Guilty In Assault & Battery Case Against Ex Nathan Griffith’s Girlfriend #TeenMom2

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Jenelle Evans Teen Mom 2

First OJ, then Casey Anthony now Jenelle Evans has been handed down a shocking not guilty verdict that has stunned many Teen Mom 2 fans. The MTV train-wreck walks free on assault and battery charges for striking her ex-fiancee, Nathan Griffith’s girlfriend, with a glass in the head.

According to Evan‘s lawyer, Amy Loving, “The trial is over and she was found not guilty,” Loving told Radar.

The decision is surprising considering Jenelle’s lengthy wrap sheet of arrests involving violence, with the attack on Jessica Henry, just one of 16 mugshots.

Despite her odds, Evans requested a jury in the case, which was granted in the August 20, 2015 assault against Jessica Henry.

If the reality star was found guilty at the Friday, April 22 trial, the jury could’ve sent her to jail for up to 30 days.

After court Evans turned to Twitter to gloat over the court’s decision.

Jenelle may view today’s court decision as a victory, however, legal troubles roll on for the troubled MTV star. Jenelle is still facing cyberstalking charges, in a complaint filed by her ex Nathan.

Nathan has accused Evans of stealing and publishing his confidential military records. If convicted, violation of North Carolina’s cyberstalking statute, N.C. Gen. Stat. § 14‑196.3, is a Class 2 misdemeanor.

In addition to today’s legal case, the reality star is also embroiled in a heated custody battle — one that will determine the fate of the one-year-old child she shares with Griffith

The gloves are OFF for Teen Mom 2 exes. Their baby, 1-year-old Kaiser, is at the center of the upcoming legal brawl, where the ex reality couple is set to duke it out in court, for custody of their love child.

On March 3rd, Evans filed court papers claiming that her ex-fiancé is not a fit parent. Evans alleges that Griffith does not have adequate living accommodations and “has eviction papers pending” against him.” Evans also accuses Nathan of abusing steroids, and brings up Griffith’s multiple arrests, including a misdemeanor larceny charge and domestic violence case.

Then on March 15th, Nathan filed court papers alleging that Evans has systematically prevented him from seeing and speaking to his son, since they broke up in September. The papers state that Griffith had contact with his son once in October, and once in January. They also note that Evans has since changed her phone number, making it impossible for Nathan to reach Kaiser. During the January meeting, Jenelle’s boyfriend David Eason, allegedly monitored the 30-minute visit, after Griffith drove for several hours, for time with his son.

Griffith alleges that although Evans is upset that he once took Kaiser out of state without her permission, she routinely does the same. Nathan claims that Jenelle occasionally calls him from a blocked number to trigger conflict, and that she uses Eason as an intermediary source of communication. Griffith alleges that Eason sends him “inappropriate” text messages, and cites other reasons that he has a problem with his son living with Jenelle’s latest lover.

Stay tuned, Jenelle Evans is not done with facing the judge!


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