No Appreciation! Erika Girardi Labels #RHOBH Fans Immature & Classless

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Rookie Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Erika Girardi, added a different dimension, to the sixth season of the Bravo franchise.

An obedient lawyer’s wife, a devoted to purpose friend, and a funded risqué dance queen, all combined to paint an image that veiled a strikingly ordinary woman. She distracted viewers with her Barbie hair, puss-pats, and cun*y jewelry, all amping up a plain-Jane gold digger, working to make her reality mark.

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Back in January, viewers were just getting to know Erika Girardi, and a revealing tweet slipped under most viewers’ radar. Erika was responding to a tweeter, who shared an opinion about women who choose the path of reality TV.

Erika fired back, “Mature and classy women don’t watch and comment on reality shows either.”

Excuse me? Erika soundly dissed the viewers, and fans offering feedback, soundly pronouncing her audience, immature, and classless. Her grandhusband, aka “the boss,” would probably agree, but viewers should take a cue from Lisa Rinna’s vocabulary, and consider the word, “enraged.”

“Classy” would not be a word popping into the thoughts of anyone watching an Erika Jayne video, or getting a glimpse of her act. Her frenzied, strapped audiences don’t exactly scream refined sophistication. Erika boasts the necessary services of a “glam squad,” whose purpose is to recreate a mannequin-goddess, combined with a slutty fantasy girl. One thing’s for sure — being classified as classless and immature, by a 44-year-old putting out gems like “Painkillr,” is quite a statement.

Erika Girardi pat the puss

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