Shocking! Erika Girardi Abandoned 3-Year Old To Seek Life of A Gold Digger In L.A.?

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Erika Girardi appeared on Heather McDonald’s “Juicy Scoop” Podcast last Thursday, and dished about her personal history, and how she landed on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Viewers have seen plenty of her Erika Jayne persona, but have only heard a few quips about her adult son, a police officer with the L.A.P.D. After listening to this podcast, I can see why.

Erika shares that she moved to NYC straight out of high school at 18, got married, and had a baby. She soon divorced and moved to L.A., evidently without her three-year-old son.

“I had my son there (NYC) and then I moved here (L.A.), when he was about 3.”

Erika Girardi-RHOBH

She describes telling her son’s father that she wanted to move to L.A. “to see what’s possible” for her, and that he had “no choice” but to agree. Seemingly, all was cool because her ex apparently maintained custody of their young son. Erika states that she moved to L.A. when she was almost 25, and dated Tom Girardi for a year before he proposed. She added that by that time, they were living together. When Heather asked if her son was with her during this period, Erika replied,

“No-he was in school in New York.”

Her son would have been between about five or six years old at this point, and strangely did not later attend his mother’s 1999 wedding ceremony. Erika also spilled more details about how she got together with her husband, and how her career got started. Erika reminded listeners that she was the aggressor with her grandhusband. Tom was a well-known patron in a restaurant bar, where Erika worked as a waitress.

“I told him I was single,” Erika said, “and gave him my number.”

Erika Girardi shares that her wedding was only attended by two witnesses. She  described her early married life as one of a lawyer’s wife, but after a few years had passed, she decided that she needed her own artistic career. Tom agreed, and evidently opened his wallet, to make it happen. Erika commented,

“I started with no limits, no rules.”

“I have at my fingertips the ability to create on my own terms.”

In other words, LOTS of cash, equals anything goes. Erika landed on the show after Yolanda suggested it, and apparently pitched the idea to producers.

By connecting dates and dots, it appears that Erika Girardi dumped her son to land a whale of a bank account, later choosing to become a performer, in luxury. Her timeline reads:

  • Age 18-1989: Erika moves to NYC.
  • 1995/96 (age 24-25): By now, Erika has been married, divorced, and has a 3 year old son, born in 1992.
  • 1995/96: Erika moves to L.A. — alone. She meets the well-known legal star, Tom Girardi, and after a year of serving him drinks, hits on him, and they become an item.
  • 1999: Erika and Tom get married, after dating for a year. Sometime during that year, Erika moved into his haunted mansion. Her son would have been around 7 years old, when his mother remarried.
  • 2007/age 35: Erika creates a gimmicky career, with her grandhusband’s wallet.

This is how it’s done, girls — Gold Digging 101, by the one and only, Erika Jayne. Erika had her eye on the prize, and probably did her son a favor, by leaving him behind.


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