‘Teen Mom 2’ Leah Messer Too “Emotionally Drained” To Parent Her Kids — Passes Out & Ditches Picking Up Daughters From School

Posted on Mar 29 2016 - 8:58am by BeachSpin

Teen Mom 2_Leah Messer

The horror continued last night, as viewers watched Leah Messer continue to unravel, on Teen Mom 2.

Leah’s segments start off with a bang, when  little Aleeah dramatically complains about the contents of their fridge, and storms outside to throw herself on the grass. Things go downhill from there, with Leah’s aired time spent rambling on about her emotionally draining, sad plight. Her bleary gaze, speech, appearance, and house all scream a young mother becoming, or rather existing, unglued.

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Leah blames Ali’s illness, and custody issues with her ex, Corey Simms, for kicking in her old standby—anxiety symptoms. Our final look at Leah is heartbreaking, as we witness a barely conscious mother, call in her sister to pick up her daughters, claiming unstable exhaustion. Leah slurs that she once again feels, “emotionally drained” and afraid about the future. 

Teen Mom 2_Leah Messer

She appears higher than a kite, as she burrows under a blanket, and passes out.

Teen Mom 2_Leah Messer

MTV jumps us over to Corey Simms receiving his happy custody news, only to flash us back gratuitously, to an alleged junkie, passed out in a dirty house.

Reportedly, Simms and MTV recently clashed, over the network filming the drugged mother of his children, and not intervening, in order to protect his daughters. I wonder if MTV would have stood in the yard and filmed Messer driving away to pick up her girls—if she hadn’t cried “exhaustion” first? Simms should be irate at MTV—and for good reason. Teen Mom 2 is supposed to be a reality show, committed to raising awareness about the struggles of young motherhood. Leah is going on her SECOND season as an undercover purported drug user, who recklessly uses the words “anxiety” and “depression,” like drinking game prompts.

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Messer carries on the charade on social media, where she claims an indignant and honest crusade against “anxiety.” It’s no surprise that Leah typically goes radio silent on Twitter during the episodes. Leah’s “low points” are on rinse and repeat, with no culpability from anyone surrounding the spectacle.

The after-shows invite no honest responses about the just viewed nightmare, with only softball questions tossed to a nervous Messer. There is no honesty, and little truth in awareness to Leah’s story. It is all a shameful, backhanded game, crafted to enable and exploit an apparent addict who is negligent, and even dangerous, to her children. MTV checks keep the sad party going—as cameras swoop in, to film the droopy-eyed, hillbilly struggle. How many more seasons will this go on? SHAME on you, MTV.

Corey and Leah recently agreed to a new joint custody agreement, but I believe that most would agree, that Corey and his wife Miranda, would be infinitely better for Ali and Aleeah.

Is Leah past her latest  televised “low point?” Maybe. But I shudder to think of Leah’s reality, when the cameras aren’t rolling.


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  • UndergroundExpress

    I wish Corey could hire some attorney to sue MTV.

    • Sandy Wood

      I wish SOMEBODY would step in and snatch those kids. This is criminal!

      • Linda Reyes

        Because they paying them . no excuses why are they still on TV

  • Shayvoe

    She was so clearly higher than a kite the entire episode last night, and unable to function. She is a danger to herself, the public and most of all her kids. After seeing this, Corey needs to go back to court for full custody with supervised visits only for Leah, and she needs to be back in rehab, because her first stint clearly failed.

    • Sandy Wood

      It’s frightening to think that these episodes were filmed 3 months? ago…let’s hope that there has been some intervention since then and this neglect hasn’t spiraled further.

      • Many have said that pill addiction is the hardest habit to kick….worse than heroin. She’ll need years of rehab and therapy to help her. In the meantime, she’s not fit or capable of rearing kids. Corey is the much better choice.

  • MidwestMiddie

    – Bravo Andy’s Deepest Regret —–
    He Failed To Bring Teen Moms to Bravo.

    • Blackheath

      You have me laughing on that one, I am sure he is conjuring up something with teenagers.

    • Hahahhahaha! You and the hilarious one-liners.

    • Viva La Diva

      soooooo true

  • Blackheath

    This is almost like watching a younger version of Kim Richards and I am not saying it to be funny or malicious. This will now be turning into a vicious cycle very much like Kim. In and out of rehab and not being able to resist the allure of being on television. I wonder where MTV or even Bravo draw the line with this behavior and when do child services get involved? This is a girl who is very much on the brink of something very bad.

  • WaWaWaWHAT!

    Not only does MTV condone teenage pregnancy, then condone teenage drug use

  • Emilia 221

    Jenelle was also horrible this episode. She fed her 1 year old a WHOLE HOT DOG and walked away. Then she didn’t clean or comfort the poor kid, but just threw him in a crib and walked away again.
    One good thing is that at least Leah didn’t get in the car to pick her kids up stoned out of her mind. Although who knows if MTV are the ones who had the sense to intervene and say she shouldn’t drive.

  • Why is this happening to us?

    I haven’t watched this episode yet, but after what I saw last episode, I’m not surprised.
    This is a disgrace and MTV should be held accountable.
    There she is in the picture above, laying on the couch with her pack of cigarettes. I am pretty sure she smokes in the car and the house and I’m sure she does it with the kids there. If she’s feeding them sweet n low packets and Mountain Dew, I guess cigarettes aren’t a big deal.

  • dj j

    I feel so badly for Corey because he cant use the mtv footage as proof that rehab didnt help leah. For one she isnt honest. She is using crack or adderall which naturally give you anxiety. So she takes xanax and percoset to bring her down. Those girlsare not safe with her and her family isnt helping things by covering it up.

    • BBB1975

      Why can’t he use the footage against Leah? Didn’t Gary use MTV footage against Amber?

  • Ravello

    Corey and his attorney need to refile for primary custody. This season is documenting the physical neglect but the emotional void the girls are living in is almost worse. The girls always have such blank looks on their faces, they are totally ignored and brushed off by their so called mother. Ali must spend hours coloring by herself and Gracie just wanders around the house.
    Did you notice how Leah brushed off the just returned home Addalyn with a comment about her being a brat. Then the baby turned right away to Ali for some love and a hug. I know Jeremy works out of town but someone in his family needs to get primary custody of Addalyn.
    God help these dear little girls.

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