Disturbing! Leah Messer Sends Her Twins To School Untidy, Unfed & Stressed About Empty Lunch Boxes

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Teen Mom 2 premiered last night, and as we catch up with the young mothers, one disturbing spectacle took center stage.

Leah Messer, 23,was freshly revealed as a hot mess, and while that visual is nothing new, her struggle to raise her children is reaching new and upsetting heights.

Leah begins her story by sharing that her life was in an upswing, after completing a treatment program for her “anxiety and depression.” She continues, explaining that her ex later filed for primary custody of the twins. That nugget leads me to believe that Leah was the ONLY one, encouraged by her progress.

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We launch into her daily routine, which consists of getting the girls to kindergarten, located 45-minutes from her home. Leah wobbles  around, waking the girls up, in a messy house. One of the twins appears to be sleeping on the couch, but to be fair, maybe she just collapsed there, after being dragged out of bed. The girls stagger out of the house, unbrushed, unfed, and worried about their lunches. One of the girls begs to stop at a gas station, so she can have something in her lunchbox. Aleeah twists the knife, and comments,

“I don’t trust you. Take me back home. Cause you’re always worrying about everything else, except for going to pick us up, and giving us lunch. I’m cold, and I don’t have nothing to eat. You never get us up for breakfast.”

Leah doesn’t react, as if her daughter’s words are commonplace. Aleeah also notes that her father and his wife Miranda, make sure that they eat, before school. Leah remarks that they can eat breakfast at school — and the subject of lunch is dropped. Earlier, the girls whine about disliking school lunches — so I assume that they eat at school. Their school is feeding them twice a day — maybe that 45-minute drive is worth it!

Leah is exhausted, by the time she drops the twins off at school, and meets up with a friend to commiserate. Little Addie is dead asleep, and perks herself up, by eating sugar packets, off the restaurant table. Thankfully, Leah orders the child pizza, which is vastly better than packets of saccharin, absently ripped opened for the tot. Leah dramatically explains her early morning plight, and remarks,

“It’s scary, because sometimes I’m so sleepy I can’t stay awake.”

Leah speaks of Corey seeking custody, using a “low point” in her life, to his advantage. I thought she said that she was doing better — after her last “low point.” She claims that her girls will be “devastated,” if Corey wins. Devastated maybe, but hungry? No. Leah’s home was recently revealed as a pigpen, and her girls are growing old enough to have a voice, especially with MTV cameras around.

What do you think is going on with Leah? Just another “low point,” or an existence as a drugged, and flailing for life, reality mom?


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