Damage Control! Leah Messer Slams MTV For Negligent Mother Edit In Fear of New Custody Battle

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Leah Messer_Teen Mom 2

Leah Messer has shifted solidly into damage control mode. The Teen Mom 2 star was exposed as a negligent mother on last week’s episode, and was soundly called out by media and fans alike.

Messer is the second star of the MTV show, to rant against the network, claiming the old as the reality hills excuse — a bad edit. Leah blasted MTV on Twitter, claiming sinister editing manipulation, dramatically accusing them of BETRAYAL of her trust. She refuses to allow her story to be twisted by the dastardly network — evidently believing that she can counteract the portrayal, by utilizing ALL CAPS, on Twitter.

The 23-year-old’s rant comes on the heels of a similar Twitter diatribe by Jenelle Evans, who also accused MTV of twisting footage, to tell a skewed story of her true train wreck reality. It’s relevant to note that both of these girls are career MTV reality stars — and would NEVER give up the paychecks that allow them the luxurious classlessness that they enjoy today.

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Messer is obviously worried about her ex—Corey Simms, watching the mommy-horror all over again, and possibly discovering fresh ammo, to stir the custody pot. Leah and Corey recently agreed to a joint agreement, after Simms won primary custody, for several months. Leah also has another baby daddy in the mix. Fans witnessed Leah ripping open sugar and saccharin packets, for Addalynn, the daughter she shares with Jeremy Calvert.

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Fans will remember watching Leah take her twins to school unbrushed, unfed, and underdressed. Leah has prepared comebacks, to prove all of her doubters wrong.

Hungry kids? Nope! Leah posted proof that she is filling her children’s tummies, with a convincing photo. The pic is captioned — “Mommas baby wanted pancake and sausage on a stick, yogurt, and strawberries for breakfast! She is so happy.”


Leah must have gotten up REALLY early to make sausage on a stick from scratch! Really Leah? This could have been a photo snapped the night before (after all — the school handles breakfast and lunch) and posted on their bleary, chilly ride to school. Why is little Addalynn SO happy — is a square meal of junk food with a side of ignored fruit, an unusually joyous occasion? 

Late for school? NEVER!


“Being out of town for a few days, and today we get back to the normal routine. Today is the girls last day of school before their spring break and I’ve never seen two girls so excited to sleep in LOL.”

A grubby house, or kids that would rather be with their father, and his conscientious wife, Miranda? Whatcha talkin’ about?


We shall see, Leah. In case you missed it, your daughters are beginning to talk. They are learning what it feels like to be cared for, and prioritized — and I think they like it.


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