Jenelle Evans Rips MTV A New One For Bad Edit In #TeenMom2 Trailer — Watch HERE!

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Jenelle Evans_Teen Mom 2

Teen Mom 2 is set to premiere on March 21, with Jenelle Evans, Kailyn Lowry, Chelsea Houska and Leah Messer taking us into their worlds of post-teen motherhood. MTV released a sneak peek preview, giving us a glimpse into the season. 

Jenelle Evans sounded off on Twitter in response to the preview, complaining that MTV is hooked on drama, and deliberately gives her story a slanted edit. She is especially annoyed that an incident between her mother, Barbara, and her latest squeeze, David Eason, was highlighted.

As reported, Eason called police to the home he shares with Evans during an altercation with Barbara, and the MTV cameras were rolling. It surprises NO ONE that MTV is highlighting a classic Evans moment, but Jenelle is peeved at the network that put her dysfunctional name on the map.

Quit? No MTV—means no paycheck, no social media following, no red carpets, and NO trashy fame. After all, it’s hard to make a living, just being Jenelle Evans.

Jenelle’s jealous side emerged while responding to a fan, simultaneously throwing a little green-eyed shade at co-star, Chelsea Houska.

Jenelle claims that MTV has not given her a fair shake, and is annoyed that her happy times are never featured.

Jenelle’s young life has been peppered with destructive relationships, violence, addiction, arrests, and pregnancies. Her relationship with her mom, also the guardian of her young son, has remained tumultuous, and she has yet to prove the stability necessary to regain custody of her first child. She has racked up an impressive collection of sixteen mugshots, and she wonders WHY the network, which has funded her existence, highlights the drama?


Allegedly, Jenelle and Babs are at odds over filming, because Jenelle is annoyed that their screeching clashes often end up on television. So where do Jenelle and Babs stand today?

Real good Jenelle. Evans assures viewers that they will be on her side, when the show airs.

That would be a twist! Stay tuned—Teen Mom 2 premieres March 21st.


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