Shameful! Yolanda Foster Starts Go Me Fund For Dying Friend, Donates Measly $1K Despite Recent $4 Million Penthouse Purchase

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Yolanda's friend Ellie_RHOBH

Yolanda Hadid is asking for your help, and mine. Her closest friend is in the midst of a very visible physical struggle, and Yolanda is asking her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans, to help her with her mounting medical expenses.

Yolanda’s friend’s name is Ellie O’Connell, and she is currently hospitalized in France, with ALS [Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.] Yolanda continues to publicly weather an illness, diagnosed as chronic Lyme disease.

Yolanda set up a GoFundMe page for the cause, and is asking for donations to ease the financial burden, on a woman whom Yolanda calls her inspiration.

Ellie is no stranger to the debate swirling around her Bravoleb pal. She wrote a blog last December, blasting Yo’s co-star, Lisa Rinna, for daring to whisper the “M” word. Ellie sings Yolanda’s praises in her blog, and details the beauty of their friendship, made closer by mutually frustrating illnesses. It appears that Yolanda has been a faithful friend to Ellie, so Ellie is defending her supporter like a verbal Rottweiler. O’Connell writes,

“So, our dear Lisa Rinna had the nerve/gall/balls/ignorance to accuse Yolanda of faking her illness and even went so far as to accuse her of having Munchhausen Syndrome which, by the way, Lisa had to Google.”

O’Connell’s blog details how she and Yolanda have bonded over their physical struggles, and how it has sadly changed their family lives. She resumes lashing Rinna, for daring to doubt Yolanda Hadid Foster.

“What is sick supposed to look like, Lisa? Lift up my shirt and you will see a feeding tube and a diaphragm pacer inserted under my skin. Lift up Yolanda’s shirt and you will see scars from having her implants removed and a scar from her antibiotic port. Is this sick enough for you, Lisa?

“So next time you decide to form your little witch’s circle and cackle at the fact that you think someone is not sick just because you don’t see it, think again.”

O’Connell writes one key line that draws a stark comparison between her very VISIBLE illness — and Yolanda’s dodgy and cryptic condition.

“I can’t walk. Yolanda can’t drive. I cannot breathe on my own. Yolanda can’t stay awake more than two hours at a time.”

O’Connell closed her blog with one last nasty jab at Rinna — and indirectly to  all of us Yolanda naysayers, weary from her “journey.” 

Yolanda is much more polite than I am and she only mentioned that some people (you) do not understand long-term illnesses. I am not that polite and I will just say… See you next Tuesday.”

A quick look at the GoFundMe account turns up some interesting numbers. Yolanda has donated $1K, Kyle Richards matched her at $1K, Eileen Davidson kicked in $500, and Daisy White donated $100, late yesterday. Interestingly, Gigi Hadid gave $600, pitching in her pennies, on Thursday. The end goal is $150k, and the fund is about a third of the way to that number, after being open for three years. 

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The figures should raise many an eyebrow. Yolanda Hadid, the kind soul who has so passionately supported O’Connell, recently purchased a Los Angeles penthouse for $4.5 million. Hadid pays Daisy White, an admitted ex-hooker turned “health advocate,” $200 an hour, according to the rate listed on White’s website. White chose to donate a half-hour’s wages, and Yolanda only parted with five hours of Daisy’s on the clock pill-counting, to financially help her best friend.

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Richards and Davidson have been the only cast members who have joined the effort, as of Thursday evening. Reportedly, Gigi Hadid’s model status allows her to score up to $300k per Instagram post, yet Yolanda’s successful mini-me only coughed up $600.

Apparently, a modeling career isn’t the only thing that The Gigi and her #proudmommy have in common. Yolanda is a lot of talk — but when it comes to putting her money where her mouth is, she certainly quiets down. Yolanda met dozens of A-listers during her marriage to David Foster, and I don’t see Mohamed Hadid on the GoFundMe donation list. Perhaps, Yolanda Hadid isn’t the most trustworthy cheerleader, for anyone these days. 


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