‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown’s Catfish Lover’s Book “Almost Meri’ed” Hits Amazon

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The catfish romeo that hooked and took Sister Wives star, Meri Brown, for a six month love-ride, has hit the big time. His penned account of the affair, titled Almost Meri’ed, debuted on Amazon on Friday. The Kindle version of the book is offered for $6 — as “Samuel Jacob Cooper,” aka Jackie Overton, continues to flourish and move forward, sharing the scandalous story with America.

Predictably, the online “trolls” who tirelessly seek to derail Overton offered the first reviews, giving the passionately penned story, a resounding thumbs down. No love for a catfish scorned.

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The book tells the harrowing tale of a lonely and desperate for love polygamist, who falls hard for a masked online sweet-talker. The author is believed to be Jackie Overton, an Oklahoma woman who poses as Meri’s ex-lover, “Sam Cooper.” The affair lasted six months, and brought Meri Brown to the very brink of walking away from her spiritual polygamous marriage. Meri insists that she never met “Sam” in person, while the book claims that they met, and then some.

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Sam” alleges a sexual relationship took place, and released damning photos and voicemails, before the decision to write a book was announced. “Sam” maintains a blog, where he shared extensively about the affair, while Meri hunkered down for months, in virtual silence. Brown finally tearfully admitted a relationship, but one drastically different from the one the book details. It is assumed that full discovery shut down the romance, days before Meri was set to leave the cul-de-sac, and her spiritual husband, Kody Brown.

No word yet when Season 7 of Sister Wives is set to premiere. If “Sam Cooper” has his way — Season 6 may never end.


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