Hypocrite! ‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Cozies Up To Twitter Cyberbullies Amid Catfish Scandal

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Meri Brown has been out of the spotlight in recent months, since the Sister Wives star was hooked and humiliated by an online catfish. The six-month love affair revealed chasms within a “marriage,” darkness in a controversial lifestyle, and emotional neediness in the life of a reality star. Meri was forced to come clean after All About the Tea exposed the affair—and revealed how “Sam Cooper,” aka Jackie Overton, wooed a primed and ready television personality.

Many followers of the story believe that Meri Brown was seeking love, and was a willing and enthusiastic romantic player. Interestingly, her post-scandal reality has gelled as one that reveals a just as enthusiastic victim—and she is not alone.

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Brown’s Twitter account reveals an unnerving shift in fan support. Streams of well-wishing viewers have dropped, exchanged with social media vigilantes, all disturbingly committed to taking down Brown’s scamming ex-lover. 

An insider spoke to All About the Tea, describing Brown’s troubling support system, who affectionately bond under the strange moniker of “trolls.” Onlookers identify the “trolls,” as empathetic and bitter victims of internet swindlers.

“Jackie Overton’s bullying is tame next to these people-they endlessly harass anyone who doesn’t believe that Meri is a victim, and should take responsibility for her actions.” the source explains. “All they do is rant, fight, and make a mockery out of the whole cat-fishing issue.”

Meri tweets cryptic messages to her online supporters, and they flock to respond, eager to uphold a personality that seems to validate a sisterly  emotional struggle. 


The insider speaks of the behind the scenes darkness that pollutes a once quasi-virtuous mission, gone terribly wrong.

“The ringleader trolls are just a few people with several accounts each. They tweet each other and themselves, to push an agenda that they have made into their reason for living. They are career victims, who mask self-absorbed obsession by a supposedly noble mission. They spend their days spinning themselves in circles, and accomplish nothing. Meanwhile, Jackie continues, unscathed.” 

Anyone with elementary investigative skills can discover Twitter accounts that mimic each other, and are solely devoted to taunting Overton. 


Screenshots often emerge, evidencing backbiting exchanges within the group. Skeptics are scolded or even attacked, both on Twitter and in gossip blogs, especially when Brown’s victim cry is challenged.

Sister Wives Troll Mean Tweets_Meri Brown

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Sister Wives Troll Mean Tweets_Meri Brown

It’s worth noting that the same initially jealous objectors to Brown’s spotlight-grabbing plight, now adore her as an Overton victim. Meri Brown has already revealed that her online persona is less than discerning. Are old habits repeating themselves, as she dips her toes back into the murk of the internet? 


As the old saying goes, misery loves company. However, Meri Brown has a TLC paycheck to protect—and her new fan base couldn’t care less.   


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