Discarded Sister Wife! Meri Brown Internet Trolling For New Lover As Catfish Memory Fades

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Meri Brown is getting around, according to word on the internet. 

The Sister Wives star was publicly busted last fall, and was set to bail on her polygamist marriage, after being snagged by an online catfish. Meri Brown has kept a low profile since the affair discovery, after exposing stormy dysfunction within polygamist marriage. 

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According to the gossip mill, Meri Brown is at it again, and is now trying to get something going with a young musician, who once performed on an episode of Sister Wives. Supposedly, Meri maintains a friendship with Steele Saldutti, a bass player in the band, Van Lady Love, a Utah based group. 

Van Lady Love performed at the Browns’ commitment ceremony, on the season finale in February of 2014. An astute contributor to All About the Tea noted, “She [Meri] was strangely gaga, almost stalkerish, over that band, Van Lady Love, that played at their commitment ceremony.”

Meri Brown_Catfish_Sister Wives_Facebook Post

Steele’s Twitter account counts Meri and Robyn Brown as followers. All About the Tea confirmed with Van Lady Love, that Steele’s account is legit. Steele posted a tweet on Saturday, that grabbed Mare’s attention. 

How many times did we hear or read, “Oh Samuel?” Meri is quipping and grinning  on a tweet about a man in his late 20’s, going “commando.” Mare is likely living in a cultish La-La Land, but it appears that Mare has certainly not given up trolling for men. A quick look at the musician gives us glimpses of “Sam,” but with a WHOLE face! Allegedly, Mare and Steele occasionally have lunch together, when she is in Utah. 

Meri posted a characteristically cryptic tweet on Sunday, a typically vague nod to her plural discontent.     

While fans await the premiere date of the next season of Sister Wives, evidently little has changed in the Brown harem. Meri and Sam are no more, but that doesn’t mean that Mare is off the market. Steele may not be the only guy in Mare’s online vision, as the discarded wife of Kody Brown continues to hunt for happiness. 

How will TLC preserve a cash cow that is being increasingly uncovered as a fake?


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