How Kim Richards’ Money Hungry Mother Trained Her To Be A Gold Digger, Cheat & Nab Billionaires

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Kim shared a happy moment in the early '90s with her kids and her mother, Kathleen Mary (Dugan), who passed away in 2002_RHOBH

Kim Richards is weathering a difficult loss, after her first husband and professed best friend, Monty Brinson, died after a battle with cancer. 

Many fans don’t know the history of the troubled child star’s relationships, ones  that led to four children, fathered by three men.  House of Hilton, by Jerry Oppenheimer details Kim’s story.

Kim began dating George [Monty] Brinson when she was nineteen. He was from a wealthy southern supermarket chain family, but left the homestead to make it big as a Hollywood producer. A friend of Rick and Kathy Hilton introduced the couple. 

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Oppenheimer writes that the courtship was challenging, and Monty asserts in the book that Kim stepped out with other men, rich boys from even wealthier families. John Davis, the son of billionaire oil and entertainment mogul, Marvin Davis, was one such guy. 

“Kim would say she had to go babysit Paris or Nicky, and really she was being fixed up with John, and I knew about it.  She was influenced to do it,” claimed Monty.  “She was being pressured by the billions of Davis dollars.”

Brinson added that he believed that the behavior stemmed from pressure  from her mother, Big Kathy, who “was always looking for the best for her daughter, and those guys had to have megamoney.”

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In an episode of like-mother like-daughter, Kim got pregnant, and she and Monty got married, in an attempt to do the “right thing.”   Brinson gave Kim an engagement ring that big Kathy deemed too small, and she pushed Kim to refuse it, and demand a bigger one. The couple wed in 1985, and Oppenheimer writes that one of Kim’s wedding gifts was a watch and earrings worth $50k. The gifts came from a former suitor. Interestingly, Kyle, who was sixteen at the time, was her sister’s bridesmaid, and brought C. Thomas “Tommy” Howell as her date. Moon Unit Zappa was also a bridesmaid. 

kim-richards-kyle-richards-c.-thomas-howell-young-wedding-photo-GCC. Thomas Howell, Kyle Richards, Big Kathy, Kim & Monty Brinson at 85′ Wedding

The newlyweds moved into a fancy apartment, and seven months later, Brooke was born. Kim and Monty joined with Big Kathy, and formed a production company called Brinson/Richards Entertainment. 

Kim_Monty and Brooke_RHOBHKim Richards, Monty Brinson and baby Brooke in 86′

Kim Richards and BrookeKim Richards, 22, when she had daughter Brooke in 1986

The marriage crashed when Monty caught Kim walking out of a club hand in hand with Gregg Davis, another son of Marvin Davis. 

“Around 2 a.m., Brinson revealed, he showed up at the club in his Ferrari and discovered Kim walking hand-in-hand with Gregg Davis, another son of wealthy Marvin Davis”

The couple got divorced, but shared custody of Brooke, and remained friends.

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Big Kathy was thrilled with the development, because the Davis family meant big money. The family lived like royalty, owning pricey cars, private jets, yachts, and mansions. Aaron Spelling loosely based his 1980’s nighttime melodrama, Dynasty, on the family into which Kim would marry. Kathy Hilton, while snottily labeling the Davis wealth as “new money,” was the one who introduced her sister to Gregg. The Davis family reportedly thought of the Hiltons as “trailer trash.” Sylvia Richards describes Kim and Gregg’s wedding as “elaborate and humongous.”  

RHOBH_Kim Richards and Gregg DavisGregg Davis and Kim Richards 

The couple had tons of money and spent like there was no tomorrow, according to Sylvia, who was a frequent houseguest of the young couple. 

RHOBH_Kim Richards and Gregg DavisGregg Davis and Kim Richards

Gregg and Kim had two children, Chad and Whitney. Gregg remained under his father’s thumb, and the couple allowed Marvin to call the shots. Sylvia Richards described Marvin’s wife, Barbara, as “like big Kathy, but with money.” Big Kathy grew to despise the Davises because they had snubbed her, and she believed that they treated Kim badly. Kim and Gregg’s marriage fell apart, and Sylvia attributes the failure to Marvin and Barbara. According to John Jackson, who would become the new love interest in Kim’s life, they demanded that Gregg choose Kim or the family fortune. Gregg chose the money. 

Gregg Davis parents_RHOBH_Kim Richards and Gregg DavisBarbara and Marvin Davis

According to Jackson, “Kim pissed it all away and Gregg went in another direction.” The split caused animosity between the families, as the divorce and custody battles ensued. Kim reportedly scored a settlement ranging  between $20k a month until 2009 and $23k a month for life, or until she remarries. Jackson describes big Kathy as someone who was “money-driven, amoral, and would in a moment backstab you.”

Kim Richards kidsKim Richards & all her kids, Whitney(L), Kimberly(M), Chad and Brooke(R)

Big Kathy, and Kathy Hilton began to hunt men for the newly single Kim. For example, Kathy Hilton encouraged her to date Donald Trump, and big Kathy arranged for Kim to go out with with an Arab prince. Big Kathy wrecked Kim’s hand-picked date’s Mercedes, while apparently drunk. 

Kim began dating bad boy, John Collett, immediately after separating from Davis. Collett was a securities broker and a central figure in one of the country’s largest scams, involving eight thousand elderly investors, and nearly $150 million in losses. In October of 1991, he was shot in the head by a hitman while speaking to Kim on the phone. 

“I know that she was very shook up about that episode.  But Kim was so dramatic, all the time,” explains Sylvia Richards.   “And of course, the killing was very dramatic, so Kim hung on to the story forever.”

John Collett and Kim Richards_RHOBHJohn Collett and Kim Richards

John Jackson met Kim while inquiring about a motorcycle of Collett’s that his mother was selling, after the murder. The bike had been Kim’s favorite, so she suggested that Jackson call her. They began dating after that phone call, hooking up in the spring of 1992, and jetted around the world with Kim’s three kids. They never married, [that Davis monthly check was in play] but did have one child, a daughter named Kimberly

The honeymoon period ended, and Jackson classified his relationship with Kim as “the worst nightmare of my friggin’ life.” Jackson blames many of Kim’s issues on her mother.

“She [Big Kathy] was 100% the problem. Kim’s a spittin’ image of her mother in every way,” Jackson says. “The amorality, and the drinking, the revolving door of men who she [Big Kathy] had in her life when Kim was with me, and just the conniving craziness around her, and they way she [Kim] spent money like water.”

Jackson comments that the bitchiness of the mother and daughters always stood out. He claims that Big Kathy, Little Kathy (Kathy Hilton), Kyle and Kim would all “get joy out of making fun of people.” He also claims that he heard occasional anti-Semitic jokes, and racial slurs. He speaks of Big Kathy’s  friendship with the murdered Nicole Brown Simpson, and notes that she would invite virtually all of the key players of the O.J. Simpson trial to her home, so that she could “feel important.” He notes that he and Kim would find “a new person on the O.J. end,” every time they went to her house. Jackson lived with Kim for five years. 

Kim shared a happy moment in the early '90s with her kids and her mother, Kathleen Mary (Dugan), who passed away in 2002_RHOBH
Kim in the early ’90s with her kids and her mother, Kathleen Mary (Dugan), who passed away in 2002
Kim Richards, Kyle and Big Kathy_RHOBH
Kim Richards, Kyle and Big Kathy Dining Out in LA in the 90’s

Kim Richards continues to battle with sobriety, and drama with her family still exists. Her reality has been molded by her dysfunctional upbringing, as well as destructive personal choices. She is indeed her mother’s daughter.

In the end, Kim Richards is a broken woman, deep in the thralls of addiction. According to studies, adults raised in dysfunctional families frequently report difficulties forming and maintaining intimate relationships.


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