Inside Kathy Hilton’s Viciousness & Nasty History of Snubbing Family Members! #RHOBH

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Kyle Richards is using this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to plug her new scripted series about her childhood. The family matriarch, big sis Kathy Hilton, is likely panicked over the project, and anyone who has read House of Hilton, by Jerry Oppenheimer, knows why.

Viewers recently watched Kyle decide to split from half of her family, in order to attend her niece, Kathy’s daughter, Nicky Hilton’s wedding. Mauricio and their two teen daughters were uninvited, and Kyle herself had  been disinvited. Kyle commented that her relationship with Kathy was terrible, and although her sister came through with a last-minute invite, the discord was never explained. Media outlets reported that an old business feud between Mauricio and Rick Hilton and a “no children” policy were the likely explanations, but it was never explained why Kyle, or even her two teen daughters were being excluded.

House of Hilton tells of another incident when Kathy Hilton shut out family, and this story makes the wedding diss look like a walk in the park. I would argue that it is completely in line with Kathy’s character to snub, shut out, or even abuse anyone who dares go against her status quo. Kyle allegedly disagreed with Kathy’s concerns when she signed the deal for the series, choosing to risk further exposure of their dark family drama. Kyle is officially on Kathy’s naughty list, and that may translate into a good old-fashioned shunning for the ornery baby of the family.  

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House of Hilton speaks of a shocking episode which occurred at the time of Kathy and Rick’s daughter, Paris’s christening. Sylvia Richards, Ken Richards widow, described the disturbing account. Ken Richards is Kyle and Kim’s late father, and was the man who raised Kathy from the age of three years old. Kathy snubbed Ken and his wife Sylvia, and didn’t invite them to the important family event. Rick’s parents, Barron and Marilyn Hilton stepped in, and generously had Ken and Sylvia flown in on their private plane, and put up for a week at the Waldorf. During a fancy post-christening dinner, Sylvia claims that Kathy verbally attacked her, in front of family and friends. Sylvia told Oppenheimer the story. 

“All of a sudden she said in front of everyone, ‘I’d sure like to see you and  Mom and Ken go to bed together. I know who would win that game.’ I was so embarrassed I could have died,” states Sylvia. “She was just trying to hurt me by insinuating that her mother was better in bed than I was. Ken was mortified. Kathy’s a very mean person. They are very bizarre people.”

Oppenheimer writes that Sylvia came to view Kathy as a clone of her mother, “in every way.” Sylvia also speaks of another incident which occurred when she was sitting with Ken, praying him through an intensive care recovery, following a successful heart surgery. Little Kathy, then engaged to Rick Hilton, phoned in, and Sylvia initially believed that she was calling to send good wishes to the man who raised her.  Instead,Kathy taunted Sylvia, who later shared about the upsetting incident. 

“She told me that her mother had been going to the hospital when I wasn’t there, and that Ken had told her how much he loved her—-that he loved her more than me, that he would never stop loving her. Little Kathy and big Kathy loved hurting people.”   

Kathy Hilton probably lost no sleep over the decision to axe Kyle and half of her family, from the wedding guest list. Kyle is rocking the boat, and is seemingly no longer allowing Kathy to call the family shots. Kathy Hilton is a chip off the old block, and her namesake would be proud. 


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