House of Horrors! How “Big Kathy” Hunted and Trapped Kyle and Kim Richards’ Father

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Kyleand Kim Richards_RHOBHKyle Richards, Big Kathy, Kim & Monty Brinson at their wedding

Kyle Richards, continues to reveal glimpses of her twisted family history, through the lens of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Jerry Oppenheimer busted their sordid history wide open in his epic book, House of Hilton. Most know that Kathy Hilton and her two sisters don’t share the same father, but many would be shocked to hear the details surrounding how Kyle and Kim’s mom, snagged their father. Diane Richards, Ken Richards’ daughter from his first marriage, opened up to Oppenheimer, and described how the nightmare known as “Big Kathy,” entered their lives. 

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Ken Richards was married with three children, when he crossed paths with  Kathleen Dugan.  He was two decades older, and his marriage of twenty years was rocky, due to his wife Evelyn’s serious drinking problem. When Kathy set her eye on Ken, he was making big bucks as a consultant to the president of Mohasco Industries Inc, a carpet manufacturing giant. Richards owned several homes, and the family enjoyed luxury, which attracted Kathy. Ken and Kathleen first met at a party, but didn’t become intimately involved until later, while canoodling at a Long Island restaurant and bar, where Kathleen worked. Kathleen worked as a hatcheck girl, while a sitter cared for three-year-old Kathy, at home. Diane Richards told Oppenheimer of a disturbing incident, that took place at that very restaurant, when she was sixteen years old. 

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Diane was at home with her older brother, Ken Jr., when a policeman, accompanied by an angry and yelling Kathleen Dugan, arrived at their house. The Richards’ kids had never seen, nor heard mention of Kathleen.  Diane describes the upsetting scene, and Oppenheimer writes,

“We answered the door, and she started ranting and raving, going on and on, making incomprehensible accusations about my mother, trying to make it seem like my mother had done something to her,” says Diane. 

Kyle Richards dad _RHOBHKyle Richards with her dad and sisters (from top left) Kathy, Ken, Kim, with Kyle 

There had been an altercation between the women, and their mother, Evelyn, had been rushed to the hospital. The siblings learned that their mother had gone to the restaurant, to confront Kathy over the affair, and  some sort of verbal confrontation took place. A restaurant employee later told Evelyn that she saw Kathleen “put knockout drops in her drink,” and had also earlier warned Mrs. Richards to “be really careful when you’re dealing with Kathleen.” 

Oppenheimer describes what happened after the restaurant as a “dark memory” for Diane Richards. Diane describes the horrifying incident.

“Kathleen drugged my mother and then followed my mother, who was staggering, trying to get away, out to her car, a Lincoln Continental, that had heavy, heavy doors.  As my mother was getting in the car Kathy purposefully slammed the door on her ankle and crushed it.  The whole thing—the knockout drops, slamming the door—was intentional.”

“When we got to the hospital, her ankle was horribly mangled.  After we got home and my mother came out of her drugged stupor, she said ‘Who was that maniac?’  She couldn’t believe what had happened.”

Meanwhile, Kathleen was aggressively pursuing Ken, and even showed up unexpectedly at his hotels, while he was out of town on business. Richards later told his third wife that he believed Kathy’s hard sell was based on her determination to score his money. Kathleen “deliberately got pregnant” and trapped herself a husband, just as she did with little Kathy’s father. When he heard the news, Ken secured a Mexican divorce from Evelyn.

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Diane commented that she believed that part of Kathleen was “missing,” and that she had “no conscience.” She concluded that Kathleen came to their house that night in order to turn the blame, and somehow convince them that their mother had done something wrong. Diane noted that she later learned that Kathy was skilled at such manipulation.  

Ken Richards _Kyle Dad_RHOBHKen Richards embracing Kim Richards

Diane Richards adored her father, and because of some problems with her mother, later moved in with her father and Kathleen. Diane opened up to Oppenheimer, and shared many disturbing stories about her time with “Big Kathy.” 

Stay tuned, as Oppenheimer spills the real tea, behind the Richards’ “reality.”   


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