EXCLUSIVE: Inside Teresa Giudice & Jacqueline Laurita’s Nasty Fight — Plus Bravo Switching Season 7 Plot Lines

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Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita_RHONJ

The gloves are off!

Things are getting REAL on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but Bravo’s reality is morphing into a constantly shifting story. A new rumor surfaced about a fight that went down between veterans, Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita.  

Reportedly, the once close duo went at it, with Teresa accusing Jacqueline of canoodling with the newbies, and Jacqueline blasting Teresa for playing a criminal blame game. 

All About the Tea can confirm that the dramatic argument did go down about a week ago, while Bravo cameras were rolling. We’re told the altercation got EXTREMELY heated and Teresa was doused with some brutal honesty. Viewers will see the exchange in the upcoming season. 

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An exclusive source has joined the tea party, and is asserting that Bravo is switching gears, and is changing the direction of the show. The insider claims that the decision was surprisingly triggered by input from noisy fans.      

Several recent reports claim that the Jersey franchise’s comeback is floundering. Felon favorite, Teresa Giudice, has been flat, several new cast members have proved boring, and even physically unappealing on film. Teresa is allegedly dealing with her post-prison reality by popping pills, and is being described as having a snoozy “zen” persona, as the filming season progresses. Bravo has waited a year to light the Jersey fireworks, but their fuse is fizzling fast. 

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According to a source, production is tracking public input, and is nervous that viewers may check out of the franchise, before it even premieres. Production is making a deliberate shift, hence allowing the genuine heated exchange between Teresa and Jacqueline into the mix. 

Our insider spilled that show producers are crafting how each episode takes shape, an almost game-day decision. 

“For a long time, Bravo had to deliver completed episodes to cable providers months in advance of an episode airing,” a source tells All About the Tea, “but things have changed. A new system is now in place that permits Bravo to deposit an episode to cable/digital providers 72-hours before the show airs.”

Producers are active all over social media, making it a snap for them to gauge reactions to leaked tea, via Twitter and Instagram, as well as comment sections on gossip blogs that report the stories. It is out of such widespread access to fan feedback, that production has now shifted from a projected season strategy to an evolving storyline approach. Our tipster explains,

“That means that producers have the ability to edit episodes at the last-minute. Depending on real-time events and social media reactions, we’ll get an evolving storyline.”

Our source even claims that Bravo ‘Housewives’ blogs will be heavily edited, as to not give away how makeshift the episodes truly are. 

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The bottom line is that Bravo is allegedly upping their efforts to tweak and mold every aspect of productions they label “reality television.” It may be changing direction mid-season, allowing a genuine exchange or two, or maybe cutting, adding, or manipulating footage a couple of days before an episode. Social media has opened up vast insight, and Bravo is watching their viewers like a bunch of hungry hawks. 


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