EXCLUSIVE: ‘The Real Housewives Of New Jersey’ New Cast Members Confirmed & Season 7 Storylines – Plus, Salary Details

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The cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is finally taking shape, and All About the Tea can exclusively reveal the juicy details. 

A revamped cast is only the beginning of the story, as Bravo prepares for the jubilant release of the incarcerated Teresa Giudice. Some new faces are set to hit the spotlight, but the more shocking news is the revelation of Bravo’s strategy, to rebuild a franchise that was darkly polluted by off-camera criminal behavior.

According to a source close to RHONJTeresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga will be the only full-time cast members. The remaining cast will function in a “friends of Housewives” capacity. Supposedly, Bravo is structuring the cast of characters to revolve around Teresa, and they are all being instructed to pant at the feet of Bravo’s felon princess.


Melissa Gorga will be seen as an upstart owner of a clothing and accessory boutique, called “Envy.” There are growing whispers that Bravo is funding the venture, in order for Melissa to hire Teresa as an employee. The Department of Probation will require Teresa to have a normal job upon her release, and functioning as a professional reality princess isn’t considered acceptable, by the BOP.


All About the Tea can exclusively reveal Dolores Catania, as a surprise addition to the Jersey cast. In addition to reported newbie additions, Siggy Flicker and Robyn Levy, 34, along with her wife, Christina Flores, 37.

Flicker is a reality show veteran, having starred on VH1’s Why Am I Single, and is considered a relationship expert. Producers plan to utilize her expertise to aid in the rebuilding of Teresa’s family relationships. Teresa and Melissa’s relationship will be a focus, as well the ongoing struggle between Teresa and her brother, Joe. Flicker will help with Teresa’s societal re-entry, and  serve as a professional marriage advisor, as Teresa’s husband, Joe, prepares to leave, to serve his prison time. 

Robyn Levy owns a red carpet event and publicity company called Velocity 1 Media, who does some PR work for the Giudices from time to time. Levy is now set to step in front of the Bravo cameras. She and Flores are a lesbian married couple, and quite a Bravo departure, in the looks department. 


Dolores Catania is a close family friend of Jacqueline, Kathy and the Manzos. The new reality star is married and the mother of two college-aged kids, Gabby and Frankie. Catania is no stranger to RHONJ, she’s filmed scenes in previous seasons and has attended many functions related to the show/cast. Pictured below is Catania and her family.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 6.40.53 AM

Catania’s daughter, Gabby served as a bridesmaid in Lauren Manzo’s wedding over the summer. Below is photo of Jacqueline’s daughter, Ashley (L) and Catania’s daughter, Gabby (R).

Dolores Spag

She recently photographed having coffee with the Laurita and Wakile. On November 3, Jacqueline posted the following photo of the trio on Instagram, the post captioned, “It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood! #NoCoffeeNoWorkee@officialkathywakile @doloresspag.”

Jacqueline and Dolores Spag

Returning cast members include, Jacqueline Laurita and Kathy Wakile. Kathy will be seen moving into her new house, and Jacqueline will take her turn under the Bravo legal microscope, as her corporate bankruptcy case will be examined. Bravo wants to show how legal drama can happen to ANYONE, not just their freed sweetheart. 

acqueline Laurita and Kathy Wakile

The supporting “friends” cast will receive $30k per episode, a source tells All About the Tea. Melissa and Teresa will continue to rake in the big bucks.

“Melissa is negotiating $500k contract and Teresa will likely land $750k for season 7.”

The bigger story here is how these women are to function and interact, under Bravo’s strict direction. The women will simply act as a supporting cast, hired specifically to revolve around Bravo’s cherished felon. 

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All of the women will be directed to be play nice, and show ongoing kindness towards Teresa. Bravo’s desperate goal is to utilize the cast additions of the relationship expert, coupled with a skilled PR presence, to rehab Teresa’s image.  Bravo is banking on Teresa’s fans coming through big, to revive the franchise, and put Teresa back on top.

The larger question asks WHO exactly will we see rushed from a prison cell, and shoved into a Bravo makeup chair? No one enters a federal prison and exits the same person, and that truth stands out as a huge wildcard variable, in Bravo’s sleazy game plan. Will their adorable table-flipper jump through Bravo’s contrived reality hoops, or problematically exit emotionally and psychologically changed? 

Will Teresa Giudice transition from her jailed nightmare emotionally able to play ball, and prepared to recreate her trashy magic? This should be interesting.     


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