EXCLUSIVE: Teresa Giudice Drugged & Dazed Filming #RHONJ Season 7 — Producers Fuming!

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Life has resumed for Real Housewives of New Jersey star, Teresa Giudice, but underneath her family joy and beauty treatments, lies a startling reality. 

An exclusive source close to the freed felon is claiming that Teresa’s everyday existence is overwhelming her, and that she is allegedly abusing prescription meds to cope.  

Supposedly, Teresa’s real-life is a different world, and the mom of four is struggling with being broke, and facing single parenthood. Her husband, Joe is set to leave for prison soon, and then will likely face deportation. According to our exclusive tipster, Teresa is purportedly escaping her reality by staying doped up on pills, and Bravo is not happy. 

The insider alleges,

“Teresa is often doped to the point of incoherence…she is so stoned that she can’t follow basic direction from production.  Production is pissed, because none of her scenes even make sense.” 

Our source explains that cast members are given an outline, known as “beats,” which dictates and directs filmed conversations in every scene.

“Teresa films drugged, and misses her beats constantly. She isn’t engaging on film, and is not the same Teresa.”

We all waited and watched, while Bravo invested heavily in an overconfident and stubbornly impenitent leading lady. It appears that their sure thing is proving to have been a risky move. 

According to our snitch, Bravo editors will be working overtime, to make any sense out of a very “different” Teresa Giudice. 


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