Inside Kim & Kyle Richards’ Nightmare Childhood – Booze Guzzling, Controlling Stage Mom #RHOBH

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Kyle Richards is walking her fans down her childhood memory lane this season, on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She has agreed to a scripted series deal about her childhood, and is working to sell the Bravo viewers on the new project. Kyle is opening the floodgates, inviting discussion about the real tea, and I am jumping in with both feet.

Kyle Richards The Watcher in the Woods (1980)Kyle Richards on “The Watcher in the Woods” 

House of Hilton, a book by Jerry Oppenheimer, is a fantastic read, and offers impressive insider insight, detailing the whos, wheres, hows, and whys that shaped Kathy, Kim and Kyle Richards. Their mother, “Big Kathy,” was a careening stage mother, and according to this detailed account, a complete nightmare. In a recent Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode, Kyle fondly remembered her mother as a rule breaker, who allowed her daughter to drive years before any state would legally allow it. Kyle commented,

“I was driving way before I had a license. My mom was a rule breaker. She did not give a sh*t about any rules. If she wanted to let me drive to work at 13, she was gonna do it, and she trusted me.”

Kim-Richards-on-Diff-rent-Strokes-ike-eisenmann-and-kim-richards-fans-19772176-640-480Kim Richards on “Different Strokes”

According to House of Hilton, the Richards girls were allowed to drive at a young age for purposes other than work. John Jackson, an ex-boyfriend of Kim’s, and the father to her daughter, Kimberly, spoke to Oppenheimer, and shared one reason that Kim was driving so young.

“The way she [Big Kathy] controlled Kim was just unbelievable. Kim used to tell me stories of when she was twelve, thirteen, and fourteen years old, and how she would drive the family car and go pick her mom up at different bars,” he asserts. “Her mom would have men over all the time on different nights of the week, and she’d make Kim perform for them—do little skits and dance. Her mom would have her basically perform on cue. She was that typical frustrated mother of a child star living through her children.”

Kyle referred to her mother as a “rule breaker,” but believe me, that is the kindest thing you could say about this woman. 

Stay tuned, as Kyle talks, and Oppenheimer colors with the hard truth, as the season rolls on. 


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