Southern FAKE: Five Truths That Expose the REAL Phaedra Parks! #RHOA

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Phaedra Parks is Fake_RHOA

Viewers have seen many sides of Phaedra Parks, during her seasons on The Real Housewives of Atlanta

We have seen a pristine southern belle, a quasi-wealthy lawyer, and a funeral directing trainee. We have seen Phaedra become a mother of two sons, and have watched her morph from a professional working mother, to a buttocks bearing sexpot. Phaedra Parks is arguably the Housewife who has most successfully masked her true reality. 

Phaedra Parks RHOA

She shifts and distracts so expertly, that she leaves many viewers’ memories in the dust. Five examples pulled from dozens of shady Phaedra nuggets, are just a stone skim over the surface of this Atlanta belle’s greatest hits.    

5.  Phaedra tried to sell that she had only vague knowledge of her due date, while pregnant with her first child, Ayden. She conceived Ayden with an ankle-bracelet decorated crook, but evidently a shotgun wedding was a no-no. Phaedra took the viewers, as well as the cast as dolts, but most saw right through the reality rookie’s due-date dumb act.

4. Phaedra’s sexual escapades range from being exposed via a tell-all book as an S&M freak, to being busted for allegedly cheating on her husband. Last season, Apollo intercepted naughty texts from someone named “Chocolate,” and blasted his wife on-camera. Kenya Moore claimed in an interview that Phaedra was indeed canoodling with someone who went by that name, during this time period. Phaedra denied the scandalous accusations, but the proof was in the chocolate pudding! 

3.  Phaedra manipulatively tried to set up her husband Apollo as a dangerous fiend, as their relationship crashed and burned, prior to his prison sentence. Phaedra’s mother joined in, and worked to sell the viewers that their very lives were in danger. It’s key to note that Parks recently excused a violently dangerous abuser, claiming the plight of the misunderstood black male. The “Save Our Sons” activist must have forgotten that she once perpetuated the very stereotype that she preaches against, in front of the Bravo cameras. 

2.  In April of 2014, Parks was accused of stealing music royalties from famous songwriter/producer Manuel L. Seal. Parks once acted as the Grammy winning writer’s legal representative, and handled some of his production contracts. The Fulton County, GA court responded to Seal’s “criminal arrest” complaint, supposedly forcing Parks to turn over Seal’s financial records and contracts.  Another day, another fraud accusation for shady Phae.    

1.  The book entitled, “Lies of a Housewife: Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil” written by Angela Stanton, exposes Parks and Nida for their roles in a 2004 auto theft ring, as well as an insurance fraud scam. Stanton and Apollo took the fall for the crimes, and allegedly Phaedra wiggled free. Phaedra responded to the scathing tell-all by slapping Stanton with a defamation lawsuit, allegedly to thwart the sales of her book. Phaedra subsequently sat for a five hour deposition with Angela Stanton’s attorney in June of 2014, and displayed shifty, evasive and obnoxious behavior. She refused to answer questions, had to be reminded that her testimony was under the penalty of perjury, and was allegedly caught in several outright lies. 

During the week of this deposition, Phaedra was absent from filming, claiming a “family stress” excuse. Her ornery behavior triggered a “motion to compel” order, which forced Parks into a second deposition. The wheels of justice are slow, but many believe that they will eventually catch up with Phaedra Parks. 

We all know that “reality TV” is a relative term.  Phaedra Parks illustrates that truth like a champ.   

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