Scandalous! Did Phaedra Parks Cheat On Apollo With Mr. Chocolate? See Pics

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Apollo RHOA

Rumors seem to follow Phaedra Parks — and on tonight’s all-new episode of ​The Real Housewives of Atlanta, one of them comes to a head! 

Parks is accused of cheating on her husband, Apollo Nida — as he prepares to surrender to begin his eight year prison sentence. The man in question goes by the name of, “Mr. Chocolate,” and according to tonight’s previews, Peter Thomas and Cynthia Bailey are the couple in the know, with Peter spilling the tea about how things went down to tip Nida off.

Mr. Chocolate & Phaedra

According to the Bravo preview clips, Phaedra didn’t keep her cell phone close enough, and a revealing text intercepted by Apollo, told the seedy story. Peter relays the account to Cynthia, and explains how it all went down.

“A couple of days ago, Phaedra’s cell phone went off — [Apollo] went, and picked it up, and it was somebody named ‘Chocolate,’ and he was [texting her,] ‘I can’t wait to see you, I miss you, I love you, I can’t wait to spank you, you know how I like it.’”

In another clip, Thomas is seen spilling the tea to Cynthia, claiming that Apollo was furious with Phaedra after he discovered that she had a secret admirer who goes by the name of Chocolate.  Apollo was reportedly furious at Phaedra, and “made a lot of threats to her”, according to Thomas.


This story lines up perfectly with cast mate Kenya Moore’s interview with Hollywood Life, where she claimed that an affair between Parks and a man named “Mr. Chocolate“, was indeed going on, well before Apollo left for prison.

“I can tell you this,” Kenya teases. “Mr. Chocolate does exist! And I think that is definitely one of the best kept secrets of this season.  From all indications of what we’ve seen, he definitely exists and he’s definitely involved with Phaedra. Or was at the time.”

On October 14, Parks appeared on the Ellen Show, and carefully denied the rumor, and went on to snark about newbie Claudia Jordan, which triggered Jordan’s epic response of tweeting a direct link to Angela Stanton’s incriminating  tell-all. Read the scoop here.

Claudia Jordan

Could this be what’s behind Phaedra’s amped up appearance this season?  Lots of drama on tap as we wave good bye to Apollo. Who do you believe?


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