Do You Believe Them: Phaedra Parks & Her Mother Try HARD To Convince Viewers Apollo Nida Wants To Burn The House Down!

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Apollo Phaedra  her mom

Phaedra Parks has seemingly been selling the viewers of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” a sketchy bill of goods this season. The show has been following she and her husband, Apollo Nida, during his last weeks of freedom, before surrendering to an eight year prison sentence. During an episode set to air next week, Parks kicks her victim act into high gear, expecting the viewers swallow a load southern drawled nonsense, when she accuses Apollo of threatening to burn down their house. Her mother, playing in a supporting role,  dramatically labels Apollo as being a threat to the whole family. Apollo has supposedly been “punching through walls,” “definitely unraveling”, “acting erratic and crazy”, “making’ all kinds of threats”, and “psychotic almost.” Lots of head shakes, mmm hmmms, tearless eye dabbing, and  overacted, sorrowful expressions of concern pepper a scene that I classify as COMPLETE BS.


I suppose there is always the possibility that Apollo is two different people, one on camera and one off. However, given his obviously simple brain power, I doubt it. There has been one previously aired scene, where he appeared genuinely worked up in frustration with Phaedra, but that has been the extent of any on-camera intensity with this supposed raging, psycho arsonist. On the contrary, I believe that Apollo has appeared as a cool, collected repeat offender, who has been trying to prepare himself to face the latest round of incarcerated music.

In my opinion, PHAEDRA has been the one who has come across on camera as presumably shady, fake, and lying. Her whole persona has shifted from a career superwoman, passionately pursuing a new calling as a mortician, to a single focused nurturer, whose every waking moment revolves around her two soon to be fatherless boys. There has been NO mention of her hard chased passion for putting on snazzy funerals, and very little career jabber in general, when boastful professional accomplishments have defined Parks in the past. Now she is just a humble mommy, nobly battling the dilemma of how to handle explaining to her two young’uns that their daddy is in the clink. Her new single parenthood really shouldn’t come as a big shock, considering her first son was conceived on an air mattress while his dear old dad was still wearing an ankle bracelet from a previous whoopsie with the law.

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Phaedra carefully comments in the clip that she is unjustly being treated as a scape-goat, because “there is no one else left, besides himself, for him to blame.” There is simply no on-camera proof of this attitude, in fact, there has been just the opposite. Apollo has remarked several times that he alone is responsible for his predicament. His comments have reflected that over and over.

“I basically controlled shell corporations and I got caught because a co-conspirator got into a bind and decided to bring me in.”
“I understand what I have done is illegal and wrong, but it is fixable,”
“I have accepted responsibility for what I have done and the judge is going to give me time.”
“My addiction to the fast life and fast money could potentially cause me not to be there for my kids.”

Phaedra also complains of “wild man” Apollo unfairly accusing her of having an affair. Reality history reveals that Apollo was not the only one. Cast mate, Kenya Moore, spoke to Hollywood Life a little over a  year ago, asserting that an affair with an alleged ‘Mr. Chocolate’ was indeed going on, well before Apollo left for prison.

“I can tell you this,” Kenya teases. “Mr. Chocolate does exist! And I think that is definitely one of the best kept secrets of this season.  From all indications of what we’ve seen, he definitely exists and he’s definitely involved with Phaedra. Or was at the time.”

Maybe this explains the vamped up, surgically enhanced version of a  southern belle poser that has graced our screens all season. Perhaps Apollo himself was wondering what the heck happened to his career minded, go getter of a wife, and where on earth  this ponytail flipping, eyelash batting, Barbie wannabe came from.

Apollo is a career criminal, currently paying the price in the slammer. However, a potential arsonist, family slaughtering psycho? I don’t think so. In fact, I believe that Apollo has honestly portrayed himself on the show this season. Phaedra, not so much…the real Phaedra Parks has yet to be fully revealed…so stay tuned.


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