‘RHONJ’ Top Ten Teresa Giudice Scandals to Make Your Jaw Drop!

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December 23rd marked a milestone for Teresa Giudice, the fallen star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Teresa was released after serving 11 1/2 months of a 15-month prison sentence, and returned to her family. 

While Teresa’s fans are cheering, one fact remains the same. Teresa has indeed served her court ordered sentence, however her victims remain, and their Christmases likely don’t include $80k vehicles in their driveways. As we begin a new chapter with the Giudice family, here’s a look back at ten Teresa Giudice jaw-droppers.   

10. Teresa was a key player in the Season 4 ambush of her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, which alleged Melissa having a past life as a stripper. Kim D. took the fall, but many believe that Teresa was at the core of the nastiness.   

9. Teresa failed to disclose valuable jewelry in her pre-sentencing list of assets, forgetting that she had already revealed the nonexistent jewels in a Bravo website clip. While leading Bravo viewers through a tour of Milania’s room, Teresa discovered some of her jewelry, and exclaimed, “Thank God I have insurance.” Whoops!

8. In March of 2014, Teresa appeared as a “celebrity guest” book peddler, at Posche boutique’s Spring Soiree. The event was hosted by owner, Kim Depaolo, and guests reported that Teresa charged $25 a pop for an autograph and photo. Credit cards nor checks were accepted, no receipts were issued, and the cash was stuffed into brown paper sacks. Very Jersey-thug chic. 

7. Teresa’s pre-surrender RHONJ reunion appearance was one for the record books. Sources claimed that she was high as a kite, and her crisis manager at the time, Wendy Feldman, implied that she was feeding Teresa strategic responses through an earpiece. So much for reality! 

6. Teresa began pimping out managing Gia’s career before she surrendered to prison, setting her up in the controversial girl group, 3KT.  The move appeared to be an attempt to put the 13-year old to work, and the trashy nature of the group’s moves and costumes was alarming. 

5. Allegedly Teresa peddled a family photo taken inside Danbury, with US Weekly finally grabbing the manipulative bait, and paying the big bucks. Slapping a heartbreaking family memory on every checkout aisle in the country, was a  new category of low. 

4. The flopped Mr. Mom special, Teresa Checks In, featured the first teen “Housewife” talking head.  Gia was shamelessly exploited featured, and Teresa’s nasally slammer soundtracks only made Joe’s bumbling parenting attempts  more pathetic. 

3. Teresa’s desperate efforts to blame anyone but herself reached new heights when she slapped her bankruptcy attorney, James Kridel Jr, with a lawsuit, accusing him of malpractice in his handling of her 2009 bankruptcy filing. The ongoing suit accuses Kridel of “costing Giudice her freedom.” Teresa stiffed another attorney, Henry Klingeman. Klingeman was the lawyer who was hired after her 2013 indictment, and helped Teresa navigate through her legal mess. When Teresa was sentenced to prison time, she fired Klingeman, leaving him $150k in the hole.

2. Teresa flip-flopped during her legal struggles, claiming post-indictment innocence, only to change her plea to guilty, a few months later. On top of that, she claimed that she didn’t even comprehend that her plea agreement included a possible prison stint. The agreement was packed full of phrases such as Teresa Giudice “understands,” “acknowledges,” and “agrees to,” so her assertion remains ridiculous. Teresa’s flailing defense after her sentencing was another goodie.  She claimed to have blindly signed unread documents, practically asserting the mentality of a chimp. 

1. The number one jaw-dropper will probably remain the Giudice debt of $14 million dollars. Joe and Teresa stole from banks, small businesses, the government, individuals, and ultimately from us. Their ongoing lavish spending continues to make a mockery out of justice, and flips off every honest American.

We will be waving goodbye to Joe before we know it, and Teresa will be a single mom. It’s time to move on, but no one should forget Teresa Giudice’s past.   

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