EXCLUSIVE: Teresa Giudice Stiffs Former Attorney & He’s Going After Her Future Earnings

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Teresa Joe Giudice

One of the toughest questions that is asked over and over again when banter kicks in about the Joe and Teresa Giudice fraud case is…when and how the ripped off victims can go after the millions of dollars owed to them.

The line is lengthy, and the recouping of losses is long overdue for dozens of businesses, and individuals who were shafted by the Giudices. However, what can be done with Teresa sitting in prison, and Joe headed for the same fate? Perhaps nothing…IF there is no current income being generated. Nevertheless, the release of prison photos of Teresa and her family in Us Weekly, as well as the rumored reality show featuring Joe Giudice and his invisible inmate wife, allegedly in the works with Bravo, changes the collection playing field. These projects HAVE, and possibly will be bringing in cash to the sucked dry bank accounts of Joe and Teresa Guidice.

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A source tells All About the Tea that Teresa Giudice’s erstwhile attorney, Henry E. Klingeman, is not going to wait around to collect what is his, and is working behind the scenes to attach a $150k claim to the cash being brought into Camp Giudice. Allegedly, the two targets on Mr. Klingeman’s radar are Us Weekly and Bravo, and he’s calling dibs on the cash hauled in by hawking the coveted prison pics, as well as staking his claim on any Bravo TV show in the works, now or post prison. Our exclusive source explains,

“Teresa’s former lawyer, Henry Klingeman, plans to attach a claim to the new Bravo show and Us Magazine prison photo for non-payment of legal fees. Henry worked Teresa’s sentencing deal and when she was given prison time, she got him back by not paying.”

Henry Klingeman was hired in July of 2013, when Teresa was indicted by the feds, and he was by her side while she very publicly navigated the legal process. Teresa was sentenced to federal prison on October 2, and three days later, Mr. Klingeman was history. Supposedly, Teresa was furious that she was landing in prison, and decided to try and pull a whammy by hiring a new lawyer to push for a partial halfway house assignment. By accepting a plea deal, Teresa had waived her right to any appeal process. The RHONJ star allegedly knew that Klingeman would never go along with such a brazen (and denied) request, so he was of no use to Teresa any longer. Predictably, she didn’t pay her bill, leaving him $150k in the hole.

Henry E. Klingeman RHONJ

All About the Tea reached out to Mr. Klingeman for a statement and his response was, “I have no comment on that.”

Fingers crossed that Klingeman can pull this off. He is allegedly owed the money, and deserves to collect….as do dozens of others.


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