EXCLUSIVE: Teresa Giudice High On Drugs at The RHONJ Reunion?

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Tre on drugs RHONJ

It’s no secret that the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, Teresa Giudice, is facing challenging times as her January 5th prison surrender date approaches. On the surface,Teresa appears to be bravely facing her slammer bound future, and the impending separation from her kids, but behind closed doors, a source tells All About The Tea, that she’s drowning her sorrows in the bottle…..the pill bottle!

The source tells us that Teresa has resorted to prescription drugs like Xanax and Valium to help numb her pain. While she has been successful in hiding her stoned countenance in recent past, she seemingly could no longer conceal her condition at the recent RHONJ reunion taping.

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An on set informant spilled the tea EXCLUSIVELY to All About the Tea, revealing that Teresa was under the influence, and that alcohol was not the culprit. Apparently, Teresa was up and down from her seat several times, stress smoking in the bathroom, and her doped up demeanor indicated that there was much more going on. The tipster strongly suspects that hair and makeup are not the only duties of Teresa’s faithful glam squad, and that they can claim credit for contributing to her semi dazed state. We’re told that the reunion taping was not the only episode where Teresa’s unbalanced behavior has been visible. Our inside source also claims that others have witnessed it, including the team who surrounds Teresa’s ex-legal crisis manager, Wendy Feldman. Repeated attempts were made to Feldman, her manager and agents, all declined to comment at this time.


I have seen the first look of tonight’s installment of the reunion, and I do believe that Teresa appears off her game. Her speech seems lazier than usual, she continues to insist that her girls are completely oblivious to the crap storm surrounding them, as well as expressing cryptic doubt about whether or not she would ‘be here’ for Milania’s birthday….in February! Huh?? Something seems unstable…or is it someone? Teresa has repeatedly commented, “I feel numb.” THIS appears to be the truth.


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