Dina Manzo Is Back In Jersey! Absent Godmother Returns to Cash In On Teresa Giudice Media Frenzy #RHONJ

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New Jersey is wonderful this time of year…especially if you are in a losing fight for fame, and flailing to renew a pragmatic friendship. Former Real Housewives of New Jersey star, Dina Manzo, is back in her old stomping grounds, JUST in time for the media blitz surrounding Teresa Giudice’s early morning release from prison. 

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Dina has spent the last year as a mistress turned outed girlfriend, to wealthy car dealership owner, David Cantin. Dina has called California home, even posting cringeworthy decorating videos from her swanky west coast digs. Dina’s supposed best girlfriend has been behind bars for 11.5 months, but she has not visited her once. There has also been no report of any correspondence between the Giudice and Manzo. But who can resist an east coast Christmas, especially when a certain famous reality inmate is free, and Bravo camera-ready?

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On December 20, Dina posted the following photo on her Instagram account, “Slumber party with this little munchkin!! Someone is VERY EXCITED for CHRISTMAS!! #godmommytime” she wrote.

Dina Manzo_RHONJ

The former RHONJ star took the godmommy act a step further when she posted, “Story time with Audriana. Her words “I still can’t believe Milania made Santa’s good list!” and the pic below.

Dina Manzo_RHONJ

Dina Manzo has spent most of the months of Teresa’s incarceration as a cheap, home wrecking mistress. Dina has morphed back into a devoted friend, and a doting godmother practically overnight. Where has she been for the motherless Audriana in months? Dina has lots of making up to do….will her self-serving efforts pay off? 


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