No Love: Dina Manzo Abandons Teresa Giudice For Paris In Her Final Days Before Prison?

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As the holidays fade away, and a new year begins, most of us are excited to spend the last few moments of the season with our families and close friends, as we welcome in 2015. MOST OF US being the operative phrase.

Dina Manzo spent most of the 2014 season of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” sticking to Teresa Giudice like glue, singing her praises, championing her fighting spirit, strength, and fierce commitment to her children. No one was going to disparage Teresa in her presence, because they were the tightest of soul sisters, and Dina would go to the mat before allowing Teresa to be smeared…remember? Evidently, a pesky October sentencing day changed everything, because withTeresa’s surrender just a few days away, Dina has decided that her time is better spent thousands of miles from her bestie, namely across the Atlantic, in France. Dina posted the following photo on her Instagram page of her and daughter, Lexi, in Paris.

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 9.38.13 PM


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Dina is currently in Paris, leaving Teresa to go  without the warm and supportive presence of her biggest cheerleader, during possibly the very roughest period of her life. In fact, there have been no pictures on any related social media accounts to indicate that Dina has spent any time with the Giudices including goddaughter, Audriana, over the entire holiday period. There have been a few business oriented pics from the Haute Glam video embarrassments, but nothing personal.

Dina Manzo RHONJDina and daughter, Lexi in Paris, France

The last posted photo of Audriana with her godmother, was displayed on November 7th, when Auntie Dina managed a BELATED birthday visit with the youngest Giudice. Curiously, Dina was included in some holiday photos posted by her estranged sister Caroline, leaving us to believe that there is a family reconciliation going on. So WHY the obvious shift from a fiercely loyal, palm pricked blood sister, to a ‘maybe I’ll see ya in a year’ acquaintance? What about the childrrreeennn?

Dina Manzo RHONJDina and and Teresa Giudice’s daughter (Dina’s goddaughter) in November


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Dina Manzo spent the entire season of this year’s ‘Housewives’ struggling for relevancy. Her new zen persona was revealed as a fraudulent bust, and she was flat, uninteresting, and mostly ignored.  However, clinging loyally to Teresa did set her apart, and blindly defending her fave felon did cause a few people pay attention to her for a few minutes. It appeared that Teresa was the only shot that she had to make her big ‘Housewives’ return even barely noticeable. The season ended with Teresa being sentenced to 15 months in federal prison, and the next thing you know, the fading friendship crickets are chirping, and Dina is edging back to the now supposedly returning cast member and  sister, Caroline. Abandoning your BEST friend in her time of need, for a trip to Europe? I guess Dina will always have Paris….and Teresa will have to face the worst New Jersey day of her life, alone.


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