Homewrecker Housewife! ‘RHONJ’ Dina Manzo Allegedly Cheating On Husband With Married Millionaire

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Is Dina Manzo, star of “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” breaking up a family so she can have her millionaire man? During last season, we knew that Dina was separated from her husband, Tommy, for his alleged cheating, but what we didn’t know is that Dina was supposedly cheating, too. And with a married man! 

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An insider is spilling the tea to Star Magazine,

“The RHONJ star plays innocent on camera, but for the past year she has been carrying on a steamy affair with a married multimillionaire who is paying for her new digs.”

Although the source didn’t reveal exactly who this “married multimillionaire” is other than to say he is “younger than Dina, and lives at home with his wife and two kids.”

Or at least he did. The inside source is saying that “all hell broke loose in Dina’s messy love triangle” and the married man actually “left his wife and kids” for Dina. Oh, what a tangled mess she has weaved!

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The two reportedly met at a charity event Dina was hosting. The question remains, is this new boytoy from California or New Jersey? Recent stories have indicated that Dina relocated to the west coast to film another reality show.

Sound off. Do you believe that Dina is a homewrecker? Are you surprised that she would encourage a man to leave his family?


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